With the winter months upon us, nobody wants to struggle through work with an annoying cough and cold. However, one construction worker has inspired thousands to have more determination when it comes to work.

After losing his leg in a car accident at the age of two, Huang Yu-lun doesn’t let his disability stop him. Instead, he does things that many people with two legs would struggle to do.

In a video captured of Huang, he speedily climbs and balances on scaffolding. He does this with ease. He describes: “All I wanted was to be able to provide for myself, to rely on myself.”

“Having one leg has never been an excuse for me.”

Since the release of this video, Huang has inspired thousands who have left messages online admiring his determination.

Take a look at the video here:

So what do you think? If you’ve triumphed over adversity, then let us know your story in the comments below.

Source: metro.co.uk

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