This year, members of the On The Tools team had the exciting opportunity to fly over to Berlin and attend an event hosted by product manufacturers Bosch. Kindly invited by the company themselves, we were able to experience first hand an amazing event full of innovative ideas and discussions.

Guest speakers, product innovations and networking opportunities were all available at the Pro to Pro event!

Boch’s ‘Pro to Pro’ event took place on the 14th September in Berlin. The day was jam-packed full of all things construction including discussions and exclusive insights from over forty professions from seven different countries. Alongside this, the day showcased new innovations and some of the very best new products available from Bosch. We were even able to get a sneak preview of some of their new stuff!

An incredible event full of new products, we were able to get a sneak peek at the products Bosch are set to release next year!

An incredible opportunity for networking and gathering expert information too, the event was a real eye-opener for the team. Other tradespeople from across the UK and Europe were also invited too and were able to test out some new Bosch gear first hand. From this, they were able to gather the opinions of those that matter most, the boots on the ground!

End users were able to test out the equipment themselves, giving Bosch their opinions on how these tools would work in day to day life on site.

Alongside this, testers were also on hand to demonstrate the tools as well. On The Tools Commercial Director, Andy Taylor described his time at the event. He stated: “It truly was a fantastic event that showcased some of the very best from Bosch.”

“We even got a look at some new top secret products set to be released next year too which look really exciting!”

Take a look at the event in question here:

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