Here at the On The Tools HQ we decided to take to the streets of Birmingham with our host John Cleaver. We asked some builder’s a series questions that they really should know the answers to. And the Birmingham builder’s certainly didn’t disappoint.

The first question we asked them was…

How many letters are in the alphabet?

The first answer we got was “f*ck knows!” A solid start as at least he didn’t have the embarrassment of getting it wrong. After that though, we were off on a winning streak and had a succession of correct answers!

However, things soon began to fall apart when our final builder declared he hadn’t “got a f*cking clue!” Throughout all of these answers though, we also got to experience some very awkward silence from one builder.

John’s face says it all really. Ouch.The second question we then asked the builder’s was…

How many countries are in the UK?

Our first builder answered correctly. It looked like this would be a strong question for the Birmingham builder’s. However, this hope quickly faded as the same builder began to doubt himself. He gave several incorrect answers before finally giving up and declaring, “oh f*ck knows!”

This question actually turned out to be the funniest, and gained possibly the strangest responses during our filming in Birmingham. That was all because of one guy though who, from the comments, appeared to be most people’s favourite.

The main reason being that when we asked him how many countries there are in the UK, we got the response: “is it a continent or is it a vowel?”

Right. Neither mate.
These two weren’t the only builder’s caught out by this question though. Another answered that there were 18 countries in the UK. A far cry from the 4 there actually is. He claimed that he arrived at this answer by “jotting it up in my mind like.”

We did have a couple of right answers though, so there was still hope that the question would be a winner. However, that hope once again disappeared when one builder simply stated “England is a country,” and another claimed “f*cking hell that’s a trick question that.”

So, we moved onto our third question. We asked…

When I was 10, my brother was half my age. How old will he be when I’m 100?

Now, to be fair, this is a tough one. Many of us here at On The Tools couldn’t get it either. The most common on the spot answer was 50. It makes sense. However, the true answer was 95, and only one of the builder’s got this!

One specific builder didn’t like this question at all claiming “I own my own business mate and I know how to spell.” Unfortunately though, he then went on to provide the incorrect answer of 50.

In a surprise turn of events, our final builder decided to turn the tables around and question John instead. He asked him: “if i’ve got three apples and I give you an apple, how many apples do I have left?”

John answered 2. However, this was a trick question of his own declaring: “no, I’ve got no apples to start with.”

“I told you I was smart!”


With hilarious answers leaving most of us in stitches, this day out in Birmingham was definitely a success. We had so many funny responses, that we couldn’t even fit them all into one video! So, this is only a small section of the trick questions we asked whilst out in Birmingham.

Don’t worry, there’s a lot more to come. So get ready for more trick questions, funny answers and John’s priceless facial expressions, they’re on the way!

Want to take a look at part one first? Take a look here:

What did you think of this? What was your favourite response? Let us know in the comments below!