The On The Tools awards are unique and one of a kind. It is a place where tradesmen can be recognised by those who matter, the boots on the ground. And with not long to go until the awards, it is time for you lot to cast your votes!

Sponsored by Leyland Trade, it’s going to be hard to pick a winner for the ‘Painter/Decorator of the Year’ award. So, we need you guys to decide who deserves to win.

First on the shortlist, we have James Ayres.

Working as a painter and decorator, James puts one hundred percent into his work. He described: “I thoroughly love and enjoy what I do.”

“I put everything into each and every project.”

Not only that, but James also recognises the importance of putting in the prep work too. He stated: “I get great satisfaction from putting a lot of preparation work in, to achieve a high standard every time.”

Concluding, “it would truly be an honour to win this award.”

But, he’s not alone in this category and James has some tough competition.

Our other shortlisted painter and decorator is Driss Keriouh.

Starting out, Driss served his time as an apprentice, progressing into starting his own business. In the last three years, Driss has excelled in running and owning his own business.

To Driss though, painting and decorating isn’t just work. Instead, he sees it as his passion. He described: “painting and decorating is more than a job to me it’s a passion and I strive to give an impeccable finish.”

“It would be such an honour to win On The Tools Painter & Decorator of the Year 2017 award as it would highlight just how far I have come in such a small period of time.”

“To win this award, I’d be over come with ‘Emulsion’!”

Nice pun there Driss!

So what do you think of our shortlisted painters and decorators? Who do you think deserves to win the award? Have your say and cast your vote here.

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