woman through ground

A woman has been taken to hospital in London after being ‘swallowed’ by a mysterious hole which opened up beneath her on a busy London street.

Passers-by heard a loud scream as the woman plunged into the 3ft wide crevice outside the Marrakech Express cafe in Fulham.

Emergency services attended the scene during the morning rush-hour on Thursday.

Early unconfirmed reports claimed that the woman was pushing a pushchair at the time, however this was later said to be a shopping trolley.

The confusion arose after eyewitness Kate Sissons wrote on Instagram: “OMG! Poor woman and pram just disappeared down this hole in North End Road. She’s stuck down there.”

She added: “It just happened! Loud scream and all I could see was the pram. Ambulance and fire on the way to get her out. Scary. V v scary.”

There are no further reports on the woman’s condition and an investigation has been launched to find the cause of the sinkhole.

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