New research has concluded what most people already know, that pay is the top priority for workers. And the same applies for those within the construction industry.

According to research, pay is the main concern for construction workers when they are considering taking or leaving a job. However, despite this, the study also revealed that the culture of a workplace was another major factor. More than half of respondents revealed that they would even be willing to take a pay cut if it meant that they could work somewhere more ‘agreeable’.

A further 41% also revealed that they would turn down a job if there was no training required as well. Currently, only 43% of those surveyed have been offered external training. Not only that, but only 47% of respondents stated that they had received on the job training.

This is surprising as according to research, more than two-thirds of construction firms stated that they offered their employees external training. A further 82% of companies also stated that they offered their workers on the job training as well.

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It wasn’t just training opportunities that construction workers appear to be dissatisfied with though. A further 39% of workers also felt either indifferent or dissatisfied towards their position within the industry. More than half of workers also felt that the work/life balance was poor as well.

The director at Hays Construction & Property, the recruitment firm who conducted the research, stated that the ambitious nature of the construction industry was “encouraging”.

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However, he then went on to explain though that employers needed to nurture this ambition and offer the work/life balance that their employees desire. He continued: “whilst pay remains the focus for construction workers when staying in a role or moving jobs, employers need to be aware of the other factors influencing employees’ decisions.”

“With over half of an employee’s decision to stay or move roles focused on culture, career progression and benefits, employers must find ways to communicate these more effectively and create workplaces to attract talented staff.”

So what do you think of this? Is pay your priority? Let us know in the comments below.


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