What is the perfect brew? For most of us, the answer to this question probably varies. From milky and weak to strong and sweet, is there any such thing as a perfect cup of tea? Well, after reports of dodgy cuppa’s made by customers flooding in from the trades, experts Leasevan.co.uk decided to find out!

When looking at customer feedback, the company found that homeowners are failing at the basic task of making a decent cup of tea. However, shocking research also found that a third of homeowners wouldn’t even offer tradespeople a drink in the first place! Take a look at the full report here.

From the data, Leasevan.co.uk were able to compile a list of the do’s and don’ts on how to make the perfect cuppa.

First up, it is important to consider the mug the tea will be drunk out of. For most tradespeople, the ideal mug would be a ceramic one that is not too large. We don’t want the tea to be going weak and cold, do we!

Next, it was also advised that anyone making a builder’s brew should warm the mug with hot water prior to putting the tea bag in. Of course, the type of tea bag also needs to be considered. English Tea is the firm favourite here.

Then, further hot water should be added to the tea allowing for the teabag to release even more flavour. This then allows for the colour of the tea to be assessed. An informed decision about how much milk should be added can then be made.

According to pointers from leasevan.co.uk, the tea should then be allowed to stand for around one minute. Following this, the tea bag needs to be squashed against the side of the cup. This needs to be done not once, not twice, but multiple times in order to ensure the optimum strength is reached.

Then, just a dash of milk should be added ensuring that the tea is kept strong. Ideally, the tea should be a light brown biscuity colour.

In terms of sugar, the ideal serving would be two teaspoons. However, some tradesmen might just be sweet enough without it.

Leasevan.co.uk’s Tim Alcock described: “Given that we’re supposed to be a nation of tea drinkers, it’s funny how many people don’t know how to make a proper builder’s brew.”

“Tradesmen often talk about ‘anaemic tea’ that really isn’t going to give them the energy they need when they’re doing a hard day’s work in the house or garden.”

“A cup of proper builder’s tea is a delight and a British staple, and now there’s no excuse to get it wrong.”

So what do you think of this? Does that sound like the perfect cuppa? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.leasevan.co.uk

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