Plasterer Jamie Arden was recently beaten and battered by bouncers at a bar he was visiting for his work’s Christmas party. He claims that the bouncer dragged him down a staircase and kicked his head in whilst he was lay on the floor.

The doctors claimed that it was “a miracle” that the plasterer only suffered with severe swelling of the face following the incident. Arden claimed that he was struck around the eye socket and cheek bone areas after a minimum of three bouncers dragged him off of the dance floor.

He described: “they could have killed me. I was getting kicked on the head and I could be dead. The next person it happens to might get killed.”

“I am severely bruised and battered but the doctors have said it’s a miracle there were no broken bones.”

Apparently, there were words exchanged between Arden’s group and another party. However, according to the plasterer “it was nothing serious.”

He stated though: “after I was kicked I don’t really remember much.”

“The doctors said I must have tough bones because I could be dead.”

The assault was also witnessed by Jamie’s boss, Paul Hacking. He described it as “brutal.”

“He’s the smallest guy in our group and the last person you’d expect to be involved in something like this.”

“It was a real downer for the Christmas do but we’re just grateful it wasn’t worse.”

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