A plumber is now facing jail time after his Cannabis farm caused the ceiling to collapse in the flat below. This was caused by a leak from the set up in his spare bedroom. Unknown to the tenant below, the plumber claimed that the small leak was simply from a radiator which he stated he would repair.

However, the leak soon got a lot worse and the downstairs tenant had to call the Landlord. To the landlady’s surprise though, when she gained entrance she did not find a leaking radiator. Instead, she found a cannabis farm made up of 31 large plants, with an estimated yield of £9,300 to £12,400!

The plumber, Glen Anderson, claimed though that this was all for personal use. He also claimed that he had never done anything like this before. Instead, he had simply researched and bought most of the equipment online. Therefore, due to his inexperience, he decided to grow a lot of plants as he “didn’t know how well they would do.”

However, courts argued that he should of been aware that the system would leak as there was a great deal of hose pipes and water. Therefore, he is being charged with the production of a class B drug and two criminal damage offences.

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Source: www.shieldsgazette.com

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