Recently, a plumber from Surrey showed a great act of kindness when he travelled from Surrey to London on his bike to give out water to the policemen and women in the wake of the London attacks.

According to Get Surrey, the plumber travelled by bike to the scene of the London Bridge attack. Plumber Paul Ashworth did this after seeing the news of the attacks on social media Saturday evening, watching news of the events until the early hours of the morning. Then, on Sunday morning, he jumped on his bike and headed for London.

Mr Ashworth described: “I didn’t have much on on Sunday so I thought I would go and try and make a difference.”

“It was a bit of a random act.”

“I just wanted to give a little bit back.”

“Thank you to our emergency services. They are risking their own lives and they have been amazing.”

To get to the scene of the attack, Mr Ashworth cycled for around two hours travelling through Richmond, Putney and Chelsea. Once in London, he then bought around seventy bottles of water from local shops. From there, he rode his bike around the area, distributing the water to the police that were on guard in the area.

The plumber continued stating: “The officers had been there for quite a while and they were unbelievably grateful.”

“It was the least I could do.”

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