“By day I am a plumber, but by night I am Catman.”

In the day, Darren works as a plumber. But by night, he patrols the streets as his alter ego, Catman. He’s been doing this for over two years and claims to have solved over 200 crimes during that time. He described, “I patrol the streets for a few hours every day.”

“Mainly noting down and taking photos of anything that looks suspicious.”

So, we followed Darren on one of his patrols to see what it was like fighting crime on the streets of Findern. Recently, there had been a number of missing cats reported. So, Catman believed that there may be a serial Catnapper at work in the area. Therefore, his mission was to find out what was going on in the small town. But that’s not all. He also needed to ensure that the streets were kept clean of the biggest crime in Findern: littering.

Darren described, “my mission becomes very literal.”

“I feel like if the village is clean then that helps people and that’s what I’m trying to do out here.”

Catman has been patrolling alone since he started crime fighting. But that was about the change…

Chatting to other superheroes around the country, we captured Catman as he met up with Nightmare, a fellow superhero form Guilford, who he met through the forum. He described: “it’s a real shame that Nightmare is so far away because I think we make a really good team.”

“My hope is that people see me doing this and decide to help out in their own communities, even in a small way.”

“You don’t have to dress like me, but you know what they say… not all heroes wear capes.”

Sadly though, Catman would have to patrol alone for the foreseeable future.

That is until three months after filming when Nightmare moved into Catman’s spare room!

Another On The Tools original piece, this mockumentary gained over one million views and was full of people in the comments loving Catman and his work. But what do you think? Let us know!

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