A plumber has recently been filmed battling with a ridiculous amount of water flooding from a  pipe. He appears helpless when trying to solve the issue as the room begins to fill with water. Someone even tries to help him out by hoovering up the excess amount of water that is flowing out of the room and into the hallway!

Cobblewagen, the user that posted the video, stated: “I recorded this video to document the damage, holding the landlord accountable for her mistake in hiring this person, as well as to capture the epic moment of failure.”

“The video was a good opportunity, I took it.”

Reports suggest that to shut the water off, it would have cost the landlord $150. They were not willing to pay these costs though which resulted in this hilarious, but damaging, video.

Now, after the damage has been caused, it has been estimated that it will cost thousands to repair. A lot more than the initial $150 water shut off fee.

The user states: “at no point were the tenants given any choice in the matter. The entire incident, from the labour to the decisions, was purely between the landlord and plumber”

Take a look at the video here:

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Source: www.mirror.co.uk

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