Built by the trade, for the trade, plumber Adam Lowe from North Yorkshire has invented a tool that not only saves tradesmen time but also solves all those issues where they don’t have enough hands to get the job done.

Adam found that when working as a plumber, he always found himself in situations at work that left him needing a third hand. Whether that was with pre-soldering some pipe work, supporting pipe work on his first fix or even just holding his burning mat in position. Either way, Adam needed an extra hand that he just didn’t have.

So, he decided to solve this issue. And from this, he invented “Len” Da Hand!

“Len” Da Hand in action!

But how does it work? Well, with its strength and flexibility, “Len” Da Hand aims to help tradesmen save time on a job. Not having enough hands to do the work can be frustrating, but with this tool, workers can simply do what they need to do. No stress, no wasting time, and no wasting money.

All you have to do is attach “Len” Da Hand to the surface it’s needed on. Then, bend the arm to the desired position. Simple.

Adam describes his success with his invention: “Len” da hand has been very popular on social media where we have managed to sell to over 800 units to installers through my website.”

“After exhibiting at the installer 2017 show I made some very positive contacts. And now I will be selling my product in all Plumbase store’s nationwide.”

So what do you think of this? Could you do with an extra hand on site? Head over to www.shoestringtools.co.uk to find out more!

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