CV’s tend to be a bit over the top and usually, people elaborate a bit to try and make themselves out to be as great as possible. Well, with this aspiring plumber he accidentally went above and beyond branding himself as a “part-time plumber and part-time princess rescuer”.

Of course, this wasn’t his real CV and the mix-up had happened when plumber Jamie Bowie-Wooler’s girlfriend Shannon created him a joke Super Mario based CV. Within it, it described that Jamie went on regular “dangerous rescue missions”, boasts about his mushroom hunting skills and that he also has “extensive” experience in go-karting.

In the hobbies and interests portion, it also detailed that the plumber enjoyed “coin collecting, Yoshi Riding, Hunting for Mushrooms, Painting using my very own Self-Designed Mario Paint, Go Cart Driving, hunting and participating in Athletic events.”

This joke CV accidentally went out to several of Jamie’s potential employers by mistake and it wasn’t until one of them attempted to get into contact with him, that the couple realised what had happened. Girlfriend Shannon described that a potential boss contacted the plumber and she couldn’t find the real CV.

She stated: “I then had a sinking feeling, remembering that I have set up all of his job search accounts for him and he has been applying for work with them.”

“A quick login to CV library made me realise the CV he has been sending off to quite a few employers lists him as part-time plumber and part-time princess rescuer, which made me nearly wet myself with laughter.”

So what do you think of this? Would you hire this “part-time plumber and part-time princess rescuer”? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


Feature Image Credit: Facebook, Shannon-Marie Tanner

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