One of the worst things about being a plumber is the possible risk of being covered in sewage. Well, for this plumber, this is exactly what happened. On a rather grand scale.

Whilst unblocking a pipe, the unfortunate plumber was blasted by raw sewage. The force was so powerful that it almost knocked him off his feet! He of course, got no sympathy form his work mates though as they recorded and sniggered at the sight unfolding in front of them.

The plumber though is captured in the beginning with two large yellow buckets by his side. This is to presumably catch any waste that comes from the pipe. But they are soon useless as the jet of waste hits him in the chest and quickly begins to spread across the floor. He very narrowly misses falling into a bucket full of the stuff!

One worker suggests that the issue was due to “too much pressure.” Well, I’m sure he was glad he weren’t in his mates position! Unfortunately though, as the video ends, the waste is still not under control and is still flooding all over the room. Want to take a look for yourself though?

Take a look at the footage here:

So what do you think? You ever suffered anything like this? Let us know in the comments below.


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