A plumber has recently been caught on CCTV footage in a struggle with a rabbit. A dead one. The plumber found the rabbit on his driveway and attempted to move it with a shovel. However, not wanting to touch the rabbit, it took him 13 attempts to finally pick it up.

According to the plumber, the rabbit had lost an eye and he was worried that it might have become infected. He described: “I thought its body would be hard so I’d be able to pick it up right away, but it was really difficult.”

“The rabbit was all limp and floppy and it ended up being a bit of a comedy struggle. I just wanted to be careful and show a bit of respect.”

“I expected it to be dead weight but instead it was rolling all over the place. I’ve never had to deal with a dead rabbit before.”

After the struggle was finally over though, the plumber was able to return the rabbit to the nearby grassland where he believed that it would have lived.

“It was a freezing cold day and I think it deserved better than just lying in our driveway.”

Take a look at the footage here:

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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