Plumber’s knee. What’s that? If I spoke about the builder’s bum, everyone would know about that! But, recent research has emphasised the risk to plumbers. So, does plumber’s knee need to be a more well-known phrase?

Well, research released this week has found that 75% of plumbers suffer from knee problems. But, only 41% have been to their doctor about it!

The study was conducted by The IPG and revealed that 57% of plumbers surveyed felt they’d need to undergo knee replacement surgery in the future. 59% also added that they’d need to retire early due to the injuries they’d sustained in their time in the trade.

When looking at the average plumber though, knee trouble isn’t surprising. Typically, on average, a plumber will work 47 hours a week. And, half of this time is spent on their knees. Consequently, this can cause some issues, especially if they’re not wearing knee pads. However, even if they were wearing these, 77% still experience problems.

And, of course, as time goes on, this just gets worse. It was found that plumbers who had been working thirty years or more had the worst problems. In fact, 68% stated they’d had to have physio, keyhole and other types of surgeries on their knees.

But what can be done about this?

Director of Trade at The IPG shared his opinion on the matter. He described, “this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed.”

“We would like to urge all plumbers and installers to ensure they are using specialist protection whilst on the job, from apprentice level all the way up to those who have been working in the trade for decades.”

“It is also essential that if any plumber or installer starts to have any trouble with their knees that they consult a GP straight away in order to discover any possible problems early on to avoid more serious issues.”

Have any of you lot been impacted by this? Let us know in the comments below.


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