Police have recently let a thief get away after catching them red-handed stealing tools out the back of a van.

The cops were called Saturday night by a neighbour who spotted some ‘shifty’ men breaking into the van of tradesman Slawek Zareba. When they arrived, they found the thief loading boxes upon boxes from the tradesman’s van into another vehicle. But, instead of arresting him there and then, they had a chat with him instead and allowed him to drive off!

So, consequently, when Mr Zareba woke the next morning, he found his van had been entirely emptied. With no tools left to work with, he described: “It’s absolutely ridiculous what happened.”

“I can’t understand what the police are playing at.”

“It was 5 am at the time and I was inside my house, completely unaware of what was happening.”

“Instead of quizzing the thief, checking the car registration details or even knocking my door to double-check, they had a talk with him and watched as they let him waltz off into the night.”

“The police haven’t even apologised or been back to get fingerprints from my van or look at the CCTV.”

“I haven’t been able to work since and am losing money.”

CCTV footage even caught the theft on camera too! The footage captured the exact moment the police arrived, with a selection of Mr Zareba’s stolen tools hanging out the back of the thief’s car. After speaking with him though, you then see the police get back into their patrol car, and drive off behind the car in question.

But, then, that very same car returns half an hour later and the thief gets to finish the job!

What did the police have to say about it?

A spokesperson from the MET police stated: “Police were called to reports of a vehicle being broken into in Morden, South London.”

“Officers attended and found a man loading tools from a van into another vehicle.”

“The man gave an explanation for his actions and no arrests were made.”

“Police later established the tools had been stolen.”

“An investigation was launched and a warrant was executed at a property in Morden.”

“A number of items were recovered.”

“The suspect remains outstanding and enquiries continue.”

But what do you lot think of this? Have you had any experiences like this? Does more need to be done about tool theft? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: www.thesun.co.uk

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