How many of us actually consider the impact of our email address? And, how much of a difference does make?

Well, according to recent research, there is more of an impact than most people think. Tradespeople are now being warned that they could be missing out on crucial business due to using generic email addresses. A recent survey found that 78% of people trusted company branded emails more than they did generic ones. And, two thirds also added that they would be more likely to remember a branded email too.

Van firm issued the warning. They warned that by using generic email addresses such as Hotmail and Gmail on the side of vans, it can create an image that the company/tradesman is not reputable. Instead, they could be seen as untrustworthy and unprofessional.

It could even give the impression that the worker is a rogue trader!

However, alternate research has found that in general, customers aren’t very trusting of tradesmen. A quarter of homeowners wouldn’t trust tradesmen to work in their house alone and a third of homeowners wouldn’t even offer them a drink. Take a look at the full report here.

This issue can be easily solved though, by registering a web domain. At only a few pounds, workers don’t even need a website.’s Tim Alcock described: “No one needs to be driving around with a generic email address on their van in 2017.”

“Yet many traders wrongly believe setting up their own domain is costly and time-consuming.”

“We want to bust that myth once and for all because the reality is it costs a few quid and they could be missing out on scores of jobs every month because some punters are put off by a Hotmail or Gmail address.”

“If they convert one single extra job the web domain has paid for itself.”

“Suppose you’re looking for a plumber.”

“You’re comparing different people and you come across someone with the email address”

“Are you going to use him or are you going to call the competitor with his own professional-sounding domain?”

“It’s frustrating that someone should work so hard to set up their own business, make a really smart move by leasing a van to save on costs, and then lose out on something that’s so easy and cheap to set up.”

So what do you think of this? Have you got a branded email? Let us know what impact you think it has in the comments below.


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