Today, school curriculum’s tend to focus on the core subjects, unfortunately at the expense of the other, more practical ones. However, for some, the core subjects won’t help them obtain their dream career. Instead, it will prove as a hindrance as they don’t have the skills they need for the job.

Many individuals apparently, would instead like the opportunity to gain more vocational qualifications. These vocational skills are in high demand within employment, so not only will they be studying what they’re interested in, but it will also place them in good standing for future employment.

Carlisle College revealed that their vocational courses focus upon preparing their students for the next step. Whether that be university, or direct employment.

There is a great demand from the construction industry for new workers though. With a skills shortage taking place, the introduction of new apprentice’s is more pivotal than ever. But for some kids, there isn’t an opportunity to progress into this sector. So, for those who desire a more “hands on” type of job, they are missing out.

Carlisle College specifically provide students with 5 different types of construction qualifications for their students to chose from. They also work very closely with employers for their students to gain work experience, apprenticeships or possibly employment.

These opportunities are not available though for a lot of students in the UK. But an A* in Maths, English and Science won’t get them onto a building site. They’ll need vocational skills.

So what do you think? Do you agree that more practical vocational courses should be on offer to young people? Let us know in the comments below.


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