This morning the UK woke up to a shocking and frankly unexpected result. Donald Trump had been voted in as president.

Trump’s presidency though does not only impact the US, but it is also likely to have an effect on post Brexit Britain. However, the extent of this impact is apparently difficult to assess. Throughout his campaign, Trump has expressed to be a fan of Britain. He was especially supportive when the Brexit result came in declaring it was “a great victory” for Britain.

However, according to experts, the result of his presidency could have negative short term impacts on our unsteady, post Brexit, state. The stock markets have initially began to suffer since the vote was announced which can only add more uncertainty and nervousness to lenders.

There are however some long term positives from this result. Throughout his campaign, Trump has prioritised that a free trade deal would be made with the UK. This is a very positive indication that the US will do business with the UK. However, Trump’s approach is very hostile and “America first.” Therefore, according to experts it is not yet clearly indicated as to whether a US/UK deal would actually be favoured by Trump’s administration if there is any negative impact on American jobs. There are also no clear terms and conditions regarding this deal. However, it does provide positive indications that other countries could be open to making a deal with the UK.

Trump’s win could apparently also have positive impacts on the recruitment within the construction and manufacturing industry. This is both in the US and the UK. However, this is under the conditions as to what will happen with trade barriers and tariffs. Arguably, Britain could stand with the US as two of the most “highly competitive countries in terms of manufacturing goods.”

James Pepe, a director at Poseidon search stated: “we may well be in front of the queue in terms of trade.”

So what do you think? Do you think Trump should have won? And how much do you think his presidency will impact the UK? Let us know in the comments below.