Electricians. Where to even begin. In the industry, they’re often know as the elite trade, or, the ‘fairies’ if you will. Other trades even think that a sparks job is easy, and anyone could do it, right?

But, regardless of whether their job is actually simple or not, no one would turn down an opportunity to make things easier. Especially when you’re in the trade and grafting away all day. And, I’m sure the same could be said for the sparkies. Who wouldn’t want to make their job easier?

Well, we might have found the product to do just that…

Introducing, Quickwire!

A new, prewired and maintenance free junction box, this product could help save sparks both time and money.

But, how does it work? And do we even need a new type of junction box?

Well, we asked Quickwire all about it, and here’s what they had to say: “Traditional junction boxes are seldom used nowadays.”

“They’re fiddly, cumbersome and even for a seasoned electrician, they take absolutely ages to wire up.”

“Most of us would agree times have moved on, and the market now offer several alternatives.”

“Some modern junction boxes have clever features, like push fit terminals, or screwless clamps etc.”

“To be fair, these new features have gone a long way to streamlining the good old junction box.”

But, is there room for some improvement?

Quickwire responded, “Yes! We appeared on the scene mid 2017, and in the short time we’ve been around we’ve caused quite a stir.”

“This is because our junction boxes are substantially quicker than even the very best of the new wave of junction boxes currently on the market.”

“They’re also remarkably simple!”

“No screws, covers, clips or clamps.”

“All you have to do is strip your cable before pushing it into the cable entry points.”

“As you push the cable, the cores are guided into their correct terminals, before a clever (patented) shuttle design clamps down on the cable, completing the connection.”

Alongside this, there is also no need to sleeve earth (another great time saver), and they’re maintenance free. Fitting through holes of 32mm, this is probably the smallest junction box out there. It can fit trough a downlighter hole withe ease! If necessary, these little guys are also reusable, just remove the cable and there you have it! They’re even prewired too with clearly labelled cable inlets. Easy to wire, it would be so hard to make a mistake.

At the end of the day though, time is money. So, this kind of thing could really soon add up. Who wants to spend their time up a ladder or crawling round in a loft space anyway?

Check out Quickwire in action here:

So what do you lot think of this? Could you use one of these? Check out how you can get your hands on Quickwire’s maintenance free junction boxes at www.quickwire.co.uk

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