As a kid, I’m sure lots of us would have dreamed of having a killer treehouse in the garden. But, for many of us that dreamed of having this (me included), the likelihood is that it didn’t happen. But, now, that doesn’t matter! And no, it’s not because we’ve grown up. Instead, it’s because we can now stay in a tree house that is more incredible than our childhood dreams could have ever conjured up. Introducing Ravendere Retreats!

Set in Devon, one property developer was able to design this luxury, bespoke treehouse and his vision was brought to life by some incredibly talented architects and tradespeople.

Working in the motor trade as his day to day job, Kieran Fisher got into the property development business with his partner Helen. After relocating to Devon from their home in Berkshire back in 2016, they fell in love with the beautiful surroundings during their trips to the county. But, one thing they noted was that it was always a struggle to find accommodation exclusively for adults. (And the odd pooch too). And if they could, it was either ridiculously expensive or fully booked.

So, they decided to create their own! And it’s incredible!

Unlike your standard tree houses, this one has a whole host of cool features including a pizza oven and BBQ on the deck, a roll top bath, coffee machine, waterfall shower and a whole host of mod cons. (I was sold after reading the words pizza oven!) The entire treehouse was furnished by Wayfair.co.uk too and I’m sure we can all agree it looks amazing!

Created in one man’s vision, this treehouse would surely blow the minds of our younger selves. Initially, Kieran came up with the concept and sketched the hexagonal honeycomb shape. Then, his architect was able to draw his idea up and make it official. Kieran added: “aka make it better haha.”

The build started in November of 2017, and was finally completed last month. At the highest point, the structure is 6m off the ground. And, it’s surroundings are to be envied, set within twelve acres of woodland and bordered by five eighty year old beech trees.

Not only that, but within Kieran’s design he also made sure to include some cool features including bookcases and windowsills made from reclaimed factory flooring from Texas. Not only that, but the kettle tap and brass basin in the treehouse kitchen are both reclaimed from 1800’s France.

Project managed by Kieran himself, it’s incredible to see his hexagonal sketch turned into something so amazing. But, none of this would have been possible without the trades involved. Kieran described: “I used a whole bunch of very skilled local tradesmen, all were very excited and happy to be involved in such an interesting project.”

The end result looks fantastic!

Want to check out The Treehouse for yourself? Head over to their website here, you can even book a stay!

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