Following a thirty percent increase in tool thefts in recent years, it is important now more than ever for tradesmen to protect their tools!

According to reports, it was found that recently, insurance claims for stolen tools have shot up leaving many tradesmen unable to work. According to the statistics, there was a jump of around 30% in claims made year on year for tool theft.

Alongside this, it was also found that there was an even bigger spike in thefts around Christmas. With the clocks going back and the nights getting darker, these conditions provide thieves with the cover of night and more time to strike.

So, in the months leading up to Christmas, it is essential that tradesmen ensure that they have the right precautions in place to protect their tools, as well as their livelihoods.

Having thousands of pounds worth of tools stolen can cause disaster for hardworking tradesmen. Through the loss of business, this can cause tradesmen to end up losing even more money and valuable customers.

Witty signs like this just won’t cut it!

Overall, this issue has now been branded “out of control” by workers and they are calling for tougher sentencing for tool thieves. But, with the dark winter months just around the corner, are you protected against tool theft?

Well, we asked leading manufacturer Armorgard for their advice on how workers can best protect their tools. Marketing manager Reuben Mitchell described: “Tool theft is a continual battle for the tradesman, and certainly a battle worth fighting.”

“It’s not only the cost of replacing the tools, but the work downtime and any potential damage caused in breaking-in to a van or building, which often totals several thousand pounds.”

“The tools are the vital part of any tradesman’s job, so it should be of highest importance that they are protected and kept secure at all times.”

“That’s the motive behind Armorgard, and that’s why we’re fighting on behalf of the tradesman to beat the thief!”

To do this, Armorgard has developed a range of tough tool storage that will keep even the most complex of thieves from getting to your tools.

Armorgard described: “When we began in the industry, we set out to design and build the ultimate secure storage box.”

“The result was Strongbank.”

The Strongbank!

“Now, more than 25 years later, there is still nothing on the market that compares.”

“Manufactured using 3 and 5mm steel, with vulnerable areas specially strengthened, this state-of-the-art strongbox delivers virtually indestructible performance to deter even the most determined thief.”

“During the course of our work, we spend a lot of time on construction and work sites of every kind to ensure that our products are not only innovative but also versatile.”

“Our product team is continually developing new ideas – tough, dependable products designed to last and do the job.”

“All our products are built on a strong foundation of security and carry the reputation of indestructible and reliable within the industry.”

How do you protect your tools? Take a look at Armorgard’s wide range of products at


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