Most tradespeople understandably leave their tools and equipment in their vans at night. A lot of the time, they have no choice with no other places to store them. But by keeping them in their vans, they are potentially putting themselves at great financial risk. Tool thefts have been on the rise with thieves targeting vans more and more in recent months.

They’re not only stealing a tradesman’s tools though. They’re also stealing their means of putting food on the table and their livelihood. To try and prevent this though, there are certain methods that can keep your van, and your tools safer.

One way this can be done is by, of course, taking your tools out of your van overnight. Once again though, this is not always possible for many tradespeople out there. If you can though, this is an effective way of keeping your tools safer as thieves tend to target vans under the cover of night.

Transporting your tools out of your van every night though after you get back from work is something that nobody really wants to do. It can be time-consuming and annoying when all you really want to do is go and put your feet up after a long hard day at work. However, apparently, thieves typically case their potential targets before stealing from them. Therefore, they are likely to know which tradespeople in the area are the ones to target and leave their tools in their vans overnight.

Another way to also protect yourself against tool theft is by boosting van security. By installing an up to date alarm system and anti-theft device, you can be notified the moment an unauthorised individual tries to enter your van. This then also allows you to notify the police sooner and hopefully stop the thieves in the act.

Not only that, but deadlocks are also a better alternative to electronic security devices. They are a lot harder to get into as they need a physical key to gain entrance. Therefore, thieves cannot use infiltrating devices and compromise the locking mechanism to gain entrance to the van, unlike the electronic locking of modern van doors.

In addition to that, tool vaults are another good idea to keep your tools safe. Typically, they are made from strengthened, anti drill steel. They also come with a lid lock that is tamper proof too with reinforced joints. These added security measures will ultimately help make it harder for thieves to break into your vans.

Finally, another method to help protect your livelihood is to get your tools insured. Many van insurances don’t cover the theft of tools kept inside. Therefore, it is possibly a good idea to confirm your tools are insured in case a theft takes place.

All of these methods though will help prevent a thief from gaining access to your van and stealing your tools

But do you know of any other ways? Let us know in the comments below.


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