A recent survey conducted by Plentific.com has revealed that 84% of homeowners are more likely to hire a tradesman if they are punctual!

Apparently, communication is one of the key factors that influence homeowners to hire a tradesman. The survey also revealed that 83% felt it was also important for tradespeople to be polite and prompt. Alongside this, a further 81% stated that if a tradesman discussed their process and explained the project to them, then they would be more likely to hire them.

The results also highlight the importance of professionalism too. Alongside punctuality, 78%  of homeowners were also more likely to hire a tradesman if they had been sent an official, professional quote for the job. Not only that, but 69% also felt that it was important for tradespeople to create a ‘solid schedule’.

These top ranking factors indicate that homeowners tend to prefer professionalism over appearance. According to the survey, only 22% of homeowners stated that they would be more likely to hire a worker if they were wearing a branded uniform. Alongside this, only 47% admitted that the condition of a workers van would impact their hiring decision.

A spokesperson for Plentific stated: “whilst all of these qualities can help a tradesman get hired, it is clear from our findings that appearances make less of an impact on a homeowner’s decisions.”

“Organisation is key: arriving on time, being prompt in communication and generally having a polite and positive manner will make potential clients more likely to hire a tradesman.”

“To improve the odds of hiring, tradesmen should focus more on their schedule, process and attitude before spending their well-earned money on appearances!”

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