Apparently, those in the construction industry who have vocational qualifications may soon have them under review.

This is because according to reports, these qualifications need to be analysed to ensure that they are still up to date and relevant with today’s more modern technology. The organisation conducting the reviews, Qualification Wales, ultimately wants to ensure that current qualifications are “fit for purpose”, both for learners and the employers.

As part of this qualification review, they plan to obtain feedback from a wide range of people. This includes a range of different professionals such as builders, electricians and surveyors.

Richard Dixon from Willmott Dixon describes, “we need to have the right qualifications in place to make sure the right people are on our sites delivering the right projects.”

It’s not just vocational qualifications in the construction industry that are being reviewed though. Vocational courses “across the board” are also being reviewed.

Ultimately, the review is taking place to check whether qualifications are suitable for jobs now, and in the future.

At the moment, the reviews are only taking place in Wales. The findings are predicted to be released this summer. But do you think these reviews will soon take place in England? Do we need them to be reviewed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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