We are officially in double digits! It’s episode ten of Quids In!

Our weekly Facebook live show, we give our audience the chance to win a whole host of different prizes. Not only that, but we also discuss news headlines, top tips and h0nour a hero of the week. So let’s take a look at this week’s show!

Sponsored by insurance company Simply Business, we were giving people the chance to win some extra security for their tools. Experts in covering businesses, they cover over 1,000 trade types. Simply Business can even build a policy just for you and your business.

But first, our host Any Taylor kicked off with a few news headlines.

News Headlines!

Could HMRC be looking into your finances without your permission?

According to recent reports, in a bid to cut down on non-compliance, HMRC want the power to obtain the financial information of self-employed taxpayers without getting anyone’s permission first. This would mean that they’d be able to contact your bank, estate agent, and any other third party, without letting you know!

HMRC have stated though that nothing’s been decided yet and would only be applied to a few hundred cases. Hang on a minute though, what happened to all that GDPR business?

Moving on to a more lighthearted story though, our next headline read: ‘Roofer fired… for flirting!

Roofer Samuel Newman was reportedly accused of flirting with a female customer after she invited him in for a drink and a ham and cheese croissant. Cheeky! This, unfortunately, resulted in Samuel being fired from his job after the customer’s jealous husband complained.

The tradesman explained though that he and his boss were topless on the job due to the hot weather when they were invited in by the customer. And, that they only had a glass of water. No croissants were involved at all! Shocking.

With the news headlines done now though, it was time for Andy to move on to our first competition, cement mixer lottery! And, thanks to our friends at Simply Business, all our audience had to do to be in with a chance of winning a secure tool storage box, was guess a number between 1 and 12. And this time, it was the lucky number seven!

With one competition down, it was then time for our next segment of the show: Caption This!

Caption This!

This is the part of the show where the audience can get involved and caption the picture shown on the screen. This week, the image showed leeks next to a sink. Andy went with the caption “help, there’s leeks everywhere.” Pretty darn good Andy!

But, before we could get any further with caption this, it was time to talk about our sponsor. This week, we were working with insurance providers Simply Business. Working with over 430,000 small businesses and landlords, they trust them with their insurance. Not only that, but they are also supported by an award-winning claims team too who are available 24/7. Can’t get any more available than that!

And, to top things off, Simply Business is also looking to help keep you guys Quids In by offering a discount to our audience. Using the code OTT25, our audience could a £25 gift card when taking out insurance with them. Bonus! Plus, with that deal, you can stay… QUIDS IN!

And on that note, it was time for another competition. And, another chance to win an Armorgard Oxbox. Secure tool storage, you can’t put a price on keeping your livelihood safe. Although, getting one for free is always a bonus! And, all our audience had to do was guess the correct number between 1 and 12. This week it was…nine!

So let’s crack on with some more of the show, and this time, it’s top tips!

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we aim to keep money in the pockets of the UK tradespeople. Everything is getting more expensive nowadays so we try and help our audience keep a hold of their dosh with some top tips.

Tip 1: Ikea’s ‘all the furniture you can eat’ offer. If you eat in an Ikea after 5 pm, keeping your receipt, you’ll be able to eat for free everytime you shop. Of course, there are certain conditions, as always. First is that the last day to get your receipt was the same day as the Quids In episode! After that, you have until September to eat for free. Sneaking its way in this year is that you have to have made a £60 purchase too. Sneaky!

Tip 2: Rent out your parking space. Apparently, if you’ve got a desirable drive or garage, especially in London, you can rent this space out for up to £200 a month! Head over to the website parklet.co.uk and you can take a look to see whether you could rent yours out. It’s not just London though that can bring you in the money. Oh no. If you live near a football ground, train station, airport, all those kinds of things, you could bring in some extra money!

Tip 3: Get a £25 gift card when you buy insurance. Through our sponsors Simply Business, you can bag yourself a £25 offer when you take out insurance with them and use the code ‘OTT25’. So, if you’re looking for some new business insurance, click here to apply for your very own tailored policy!

And with all these top tips, then you could be… QUIDS IN!

Speaking of which, it was time for our third competition, Blindfold Darts! Heading over to the Blindfold Darts Arena, Scott was with our man Dan who was blindfolded and ready to throw his darts. A massive thanks to Dan for showing his face again on Blindfold Darts. Honestly, the last time he was on the show it was truly shocking!

This time though, Dan had his game face on (eventually) and hit the number… 13! After three failed attempts that is anyway!

Three done, just one more competition to go, it was now time for shoutouts!


This is the part of the show where our audience can get involved live on air and bag themselves a shoutout. Not only that, but we also honour our hero of the week too. Here, we talk about a tradesman who has gone above and beyond in the industry.

This week, we flipped things on its head a bit. Instead of honouring a hero, we were looking for them! Often on the show, and on the page in general, we talk about the Band of Builders and the incredible work they do in the industry. So, this time we were looking for some future heroes to take part in the latest BOB project in Worcestershire.

This time, the project will be for a builder named Jamie who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease. Diagnosed four years ago, he is now wheelchair-bound and has lost some of the use of his hands too. So, what the Band of Builders are going to do is try and make this tradesman’s life a bit easier.

First up they’re tackling the garden so Jamie can spend more time with his kids outside. Currently, it’s not wheelchair accessible so they’re going to landscape it all allowing him to move around in it easier. Then, they’ll move on to the kitchen. The heart of the home, they aim to alter the layout and make it more accessible for Jamie allowing him to spend more quality time with his family.

So, if you think you can help and want to get involved in the project, then head over to the Band of Builders website and apply!

But, before that, it was time for our final competition of the show. Thanks to our sponsors Simply Business, we were able to give away another Armorgard Oxbox. With Simply Business it’s all about being convenient and comparing quotes from leading insurers all in one place. Plus, it’s super quick, being able to apply online or on the phone, your documents can be sent out the very same day too! And, as well as our ‘OTT25’ offer, if you refer a friend, you can both get a £25 voucher as well!

Now, on with the competition. Typically, we do another spin of the wheel at this point. However, we decided to mix things up again with our new competition ‘Patchphrase’. As simple as it sounds, all our audience had to do was say what they saw on the screen.

Now, let us be clear. ‘Patchphrase’ is nothing like any other popular programmes… that could possibly begin with a C… Moving swiftly on though, it was time for our game and the image revealed two toolboxes that almost looked like they were talking… it’s ‘toolbox talks’!

And that’s it, the end of our show. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to everyone who took part and our sponsor’s Simply Business. See you next time!

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