It’s Friday. It’s 12:15 pm. You all know what that means… it’s time for Quids In!

And Dan is back for another episode, this week sponsored by Brewers Decorator Centres. Andy, you might want to get back off holiday because Dan is killing it with this presenting. So, on that note, let’s get on with the show!

First up, Dan had some pretty shocking news to deliver… this week’s prize haul was worth a whopping £2,000! And, thanks to our friends at Brewers, we were able to give you guys the chance to win these prizes. With 169 stores nationwide, you can find everything you’ll need when it comes to painting and decorating gear from these guys. So, in the spirit of this, we were giving away some pretty serious stuff. All of which you can find at their stores by the way.

But, before we could give away anything, Dan needed to discuss this weeks news headlines.

News Headlines!

First up, we had: ‘Bosses to face tougher sentences over the death of workers.

A more serious one this week, we touched on the issue of health and safety and how dangerous sites can be if bosses are negligent with their duties. In fact, the Sentencing Council found this issue to be so serious, that they are extending the prison sentence for negligent bosses.

Moving on from this though, Dan warned our audience that they also needed to clean out their vans. Why is that? Well, it’s all about our next news headline, ‘Roofer fined £300 for rubbish in his van!

Yep, roofer Stuart Gosling was driving through London when he was pulled over by the council. Upon searching the worker’s van they issued him a £300 fine after discovering a bag which contained old crisp packets and bottles. Seriously, is there anything else they want us to charge us for? It just looks like the council want to be… Quids In!

And on that note, along with the sound of the claxon, it was time for our first competition, Cement Mixer Lottery! Thanks to our sponsors Brewers Decorator Centres, we were able to give away loads of prizes for our first giveaway. With a prize bundle worth over £400 there was everything in there from ladders to screwdrivers.

And, as Dan delved into the cement mixer, the winner was the number… TWO!

With our first competition done, it was now time for Dan to move onto the ‘Caption This’ part of the show.

Caption This!

This is the part in the show where we have our audience comment what they think the caption should be for the image on the screen. This week, it was a picture of a tradesman who appeared to be flying on a broom.

To this, Dan delivered one of his famous jokes. He asked: “How much does a wizard apprentice earn? A quid each!’

You get it… Harry Potter… Quidditch… Never mind! Maybe it’s time to move on to our next competition, the Wheel of Fortune! This time, we were able to give away even more prizes worth a fantastic £550!

This was all thanks to our friends at Brewers who, not only sponsored our show and donated all of our prizes but also give you guys the chance to stay Quids In as well. In fact, they offer trade accounts which allow you to save money with offers and discounts at reduced trade prices. There’s even specialist support if you want some help or catalogues to browse through if you’re not sure on what thing to go for. All in all, take a look at setting yourself up a trade account here.

But, during our second competition, our audience was able to win a Mirka Sander. All they needed to do was pick a number from 1 to 12 in the comments, simple! And with over 600 shares, we were able to spin the wheel, landing on the number… SIX!

Two down, two to go. The end of that competition officially marked the halfway point of our show. And, with another grand worth of prizes to go, it looks like we better launch into some top tips!

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we try and help tradespeople keep more money in their pockets with some nifty money saving tips.

Tip one: British Gas price hikes. This is the second time this year with them pushing up prices by almost 4%! So, what’s our advice? Well, it’s all about switching. There are so many price comparison sites out there that can do the hard work for you and find you the best deal. So, don’t just sit back and take the hike, do something about it! Shop around to see if you can get a better deal. And you never know, you could be… QUIDS IN!

Tip Two: Two tickets for the price of one! This tip was all about getting your money’s worth when it comes to days out. We all know that theme parks can be ridiculously expensive. Well, we found that with just a 79p purchase on peperami. This promotional campaign is running until the 31st December and after that, you’ll have until May 2019 to use your tickets. Plenty of time, plus, you’ll be… Quids In!

The sound of the claxon though marked our next competition and this time we were shaking things up a bit. We weren’t just giving our audience one chance to win. Oh no. This time, there was an opportunity for THREE people to win!

Heading over to Scott at the Blindfold Darts Arena, our audience had the chance to win a whole host of high-quality brushes worth £150! All they had to do was guess what number our Blindfold Darts player would land on. And, this week, it was the number… 11!

With three competitions done, it was time for the biggie. The Graco Airless Paint Sprayer. But first, shoutouts!


This is the part of the show where our audience can get involved with a shoutout live on air. Alongside this, we also honour our hero of the week. This is where we salute a member of the industry who has gone above and beyond and done some incredible work. And, that’s exactly what Aaron Pearson has done.

Completing loads of work for those with disabilities, Aaron has already created two sensory spaces in conjunction with the charity Autism No More. Not only that, but he also does a variety of fundraising activities for the charity too and is now looking to create a countryside inclusion centre as a space for people to go and get additional support.

What an incredible guy! Aaron Pearson, we salute you. If you’d like to read more about his work or would like to donate, click here.

But, before we could do anything else, the competition claxon sounded for a final time. An absolutely huge prize, this Graco Airless Paint Sprayer was worth a whopping £726! All our audience had to do was guess the ‘pathphrase’.

Now, let us make one thing clear. ‘Patchphrase’ is nothing like any other popular programmes… that could possibly begin with a C… Moving swiftly on though, we racked up a whopping 1,020 shares! And all our audience had to do was guess the image being revealed. (with a few helpful hints from Dan). And, this time, it was, the popular phrase ‘measure twice, cut once!’

And that was it, our final competition. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to Brewers Decorator Centres for their amazing prizes! And goodbye to our live audience and everyone watching at home.

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