And he’s back! Andy Taylor is in the building and ready to present another episode of Quids In. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

This week, our sponsor’s Ring Trade Pro were back for another show. They just can’t get enough of us! And, once again, thanks to Ring, our audience had the chance to win some of their video doorbells. But first, it was time for the news headlines!

News Headlines!

Angry builder demolishes houses over payment row!

This story was everywhere in the news this week after a builder reportedly attacked 5 new build bungalows with a digger. Apparently, he could be found laughing and taking pictures, enjoying the moment. However, when questioned, he stated he was only targeting the ones he had worked on and was owed money for.

The builder has now been charged with criminal damage though and this was quite a drastic action to take over non-payment. But what do you lot think?

Next up we had: ‘Mum left shocked after tradesman boyfriend bills her for helping with the decorating!

The tradesman, in fact, charged his girlfriend £285 to decorate her hallway, even though she offered to pay for the materials and help out. Previously, she was quoted £350 by another tradesman which she could not afford at the time so turned to her boyfriend to help her out.

Andy described: “And he has hasn’t he! He’s doing it for nearly seventy quid cheaper!”

But, speaking of saving money, it was time for our first giveaway! Thanks to our sponsor’s Ring, we were able to give away a video doorbell as our first prize. And, all our audience had to do for a chance of winning was pick a number between 1 and 12 in the cement mixer lottery. And, this week, the lucky number was…eleven!

With one competition done, it was now time for ‘caption this’!

Caption This!

This is the part of the show where we have our audience comment on what they think the caption should be for the image on the screen. This week, it was a ‘wheelie’ good picture of a truck on its back two wheels. But, before we had a chance to get any more captions in, it was time for another competition to win a Ring video doorbell!

Answering your door from your sofa… what a life! Not only that, but these doorbells also give tradespeople the chance to earn some extra dosh. How I hear you ask? Well, you can become a Ring Trade Pro! Something that all the trades can do, you can’t go wrong adding this new skill to your repertoire. Plus, it can help attract more customers too!

But, to win this video doorbell, all our audience needed to do was pick a number from 1 to 12 in the comments, simple! And, with over 500 shares, it was time to spin the wheel. And it landed on the number…eight!

Now though, it was time for our next section of the show: top tips!

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we try and help tradespeople keep more money in their pockets with some nifty money saving tips. And, this week, we had an extra bonus tip to help you lot stay Quids In!

Tip 1: The cheapest line rental and broadband deals! We have scoured the interweb and all those places to find out the cheapest deal you can get. In fact, there hasn’t been a deal cheaper than this in over a year and trust me, we’ve been looking. This comes from Sky owned provider Now Broadband. It’s fibre, it’s line rental, and it’s a steal at £17 a month! Millions are paying up to, on average, £45 a month so if you’re ready to change your provider then take a look at these guys and you’ll be… QUIDS IN!

Tip 2: Switch to a sim only deal. If you’re paying for your full contract, and you’re outside your minimum term, stop! Because you don’t need to. Instead, switch to a sim only deal and you could be saving a shed load of money. So, we had a look into the savings you could be making and instead of paying on average £50 a month for your phone, you could pay just £20 for the same deal! Over twelve months, that’s a whopping saving of £360 which means, if you make this switch, you’ll be… QUIDS IN!

Tip 3: Become a Ring Trade Pro! Get the upper hand on your competition and become a Ring Trade Pro so you can attract more customers, reduce costs and become a Ring expert. Plus, you can earn yourself some extra income too. Let’s face it, folks, people are going to be getting these doorbells left, right and centre so you should be the ones fitting them and making yourself some extra money! You’ll have the support you need to do this as well with special discounts and exclusive training and support to provide your customers with the best experience and value. So, if this tickles your fancy, check out how you could become a Ring Trade Pro here. And then you’ll be… QUIDS IN!

And, speaking of which, it was time for our third competition, blindfold darts! Heading over to Scott at the Blindfold Darts Arena, our audience had another chance to win a video doorbell from our sponsor’s Ring! This time, all they needed to do was guess which number the dart was going to land on.

With our man Dan retired from the presenting business, he was joining Scott at the Blindfold Darts Arena this week. Luckily, his presenting skills are a lot better than his dart skills because it took him a whopping eight times before he landed a dart. Ouch! Finally, he managed to get the number five though. Lets maybe get a better dart player for next week…

With just one competition left to go now though, it was first time for Andy to do some shoutouts!


This is the part of the show where our audience can get involved with a shoutout live on air. Alongside this, we also honour our hero of the week. This is where we salute a member of the industry who has gone above and beyond and done some incredible work. And, that’s exactly what these three builders have done.

Just last week, there was a horrific crash on the M25 where a coach, full of passengers, crashed into a barrier. Witnessing the crash, builders Arran Young, Mitchell Melvin, and Toby Crook-Haines jumped to action grabbing their tools and helping rescue the passengers trapped on board.

Well done guys! We salute you! If you want to read more about their story and the events that unfolded on the M25 click here.

But, with our final segment over, there was only one thing left to do… it was time for the last giveaway!

This was our biggest prize where thanks to our friends at Ring, we were giving away a Spotlight Cam. A great piece of kit, it can give you crisp HD video with or without the lights on, 24/7. Not only can this help keep your home safe but also your van too. Having one of these on your driveway would be a great bonus for some added security!

But, how could they win this? Well, it was time for ‘Patchphrase’.

Now, let us make one thing clear. ‘Patchphrase’ is nothing like any other popular programmes… that could possibly begin with a C… Moving swiftly on though, all our audience had to do was guess the image being revealed. (With a few helpful hints from Andy). And, this time, it was, the popular phrase ‘cash in hand!’

And that was it, our final competition. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to Ring for sponsoring the show and providing us with some amazing prizes! Don’t worry if you didn’t win though, you can find Ring products everywhere in places like Wickes, Bunnings, CEF and more so you can drop in and pick yourself up a video doorbell any time.

And, finally, goodbye to our live audience and everyone watching at home. Thank you!

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