Andy Taylor is back in the building once again to host another edition of Quids In!

Our weekly Facebook live show, we’re all about keeping money in the pocket of UK tradespeople. And, this week, we were sponsored by Velux giving our audience the chance to win a whole heap of prizes worth more than £1,000!

So let’s get on with the show…

News Headlines!

‘Roofer called sexist over job advert…’

A roofer has recently been called sexist after posting a job advert online. Within this, he stated that he was seeking ‘a young lad’ because ‘women can’t do it’. Posting the advert on Twitter, roofer Stuart Napper was looking for someone to help out on a roofing job in the Stanstead area. So, with some very specific requirements, he headed over to his social media to advertise the job.

He received quite a lot of backlash though with people asking if he’d ever heard of gender equality. However, some others agreed with him as they felt a woman simply wouldn’t be able to carry out the job as a roofer. The roofer responded though that if he could find a woman strong enough to do it, then he’d be more than happy to hire her. All a bit controversial!

Next up we had, ‘How do tradespeople spend their working lives?’

Well, On The Tools and watching Quids In of course! But, when they’re not doing that, new research has had a look into what tradespeople do with the rest of their time. And there were some interesting stats!

Apparently, two and a half years of a tradesperson’s life is spent driving their van. Alongside this, one year and nine months are spent making lunch and a further eleven months spent just trying to find the right tool! And, of course, a whopping six months spent making tea.

But at least they get paid to do all of that keeping them… QUIDS IN!

And with that, the competition claxon sounded and it was time for our first competition. Courtesy of Velux, we were giving away a Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth more than £100 in Cement Mixer Lottery. Our audience would definitely be Quids In if they won this! Speaking of which, Velux also has a reward scheme that everyone can get involved in and you can earn yourself some money this way. With Velux rewards, you can earn money all year round every time you buy one of their windows.

Basically, Velux want to pay you again for work you’re already being paid for! So, if you fit Velux products then you could be bagging yourself some rewards. If you’re interested then check it out here.

Not only that, but this September and October, you can get £30 with every Velux white painted roof window you buy. All you have to do to be eligible is register the product before the 16th of November. You can then spend those rewards in a variety of different places so you’ll definitely be Quids In with this!

Another way our audience could be Quids In? By picking the number… TEN!

With one competition down though, it was now time for our second segment of the show, caption this!

Caption This!

This is the part of the show where we have our audience comment on what they think the caption should be for the image on the screen. This week, it was a DIY Henry Hoover. To this, Andy went with ‘this fake Henry sucks’. Pretty good compared to the usual! Clearly, the break did him some good!

It wasn’t long though before the competition claxon sounded once again and it was time for our second competition: Wheel of Fortune! Thanks to Velux, we were giving away a SONOS speaker worth £189 and all our audience had to guess was the number… SIX!

All of our prizes today were courtesy of Velux. And, with their white painted roof windows, they are the right choice for both lofts and extensions. In fact, the bright white finish and discreet wood grain are perfect for modern interiors creating a smart and sleek look!

With two competitions down though, we were now officially halfway through our show. But, what’s next I hear you ask? Well, it can only be one thing surely. It’s time for top tips!

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we try and help UK tradespeople keep more money in their pockets. By using these top tips, we hope that people will manage to stay… QUIDS IN! And, today, we’ve got a whopping THREE tips to help our audience both save and make some money!

Tip 1: Back to school holiday deals. The kids are back at school, woohoo! Not only does that mean a break for the parents but also, it’s time to sneak in a cheeky reduced price holiday. On average, prices drop massively in September when the kids are back to school so you can bag yourself a bargain break!

Not only that, but you can avoid all of the touristy crowd whilst still having brilliant weather too. Some of the top deals at the moment are Thomas Cook: £100 off and £300 off per couple (Thomson). Plus, if you shop around and book everything separately, you could get yourself a belter of a last minute deal!

Tip 2: 5 Odeon cinema tickets for £25. Going to the cinema can be ridiculous, especially if you’ve got the kids with you. I mean, who wants to pay like £20 to go and watch a kids film and fall asleep halfway through? Well, you can get 5 tickets for £25 thanks to Groupon!

And, you don’t have to use all the vouchers in one go and they can be used by different people as well. Perfect for either families or a group of mates! The offer is valid to purchase until the 3rd October and tickets need to be used by the 11th so you’ve got plenty of time to use them!

Tip 3: Save and make yourself some extra money with Velux rewards! Basically, Velux want to pay you again for work you’re already being paid for! So, if you fit Velux products then you could be bagging yourself some rewards that you can spend in all sorts of places. If you’re interested then check it out here.

Before we knew it though, it was time for our third competition, Blindfold Darts! Heading over to the Blindfold Darts Arena, Scott was with Jack who was back and blindfolded ready to throw his darts. This time, our audience had the chance to win some Beats by Dr Dre worth £232! And, to be in with a chance of winning them, all they had to do was guess a number between 1 and 20! This week, the winning number was… 19!

Three competitions won, and with just one more competition to go, it was now time for the next part of our show… shoutouts!


This is where our audience has the chance to get involved live on air and bag themselves a shoutout. Not only that, but we also honour our hero of the week too. Here, we talk about a tradesperson who has gone above and beyond in the industry.

This week, we honoured two incredible tradespeople who worked on the most recent Band of Builder’s project. It was for a tradesman who, at the age of 45, is suffering from motor neurone disease. He is wheelchair bound and has lost some of the use of his hands. Therefore, the team of tradespeople got together to help transform his home.

The project was split into two parts. The first was the garden which was made more accessible so Jamie could spend time with his family. For this phase, our hero was bricklayer Tony Everett. He worked with his partner in crime Peter Jeffries on the garden and completed jobs including the seating, planting areas and log store.

The second phase was the kitchen which had its layout altered to make it more accessible. The hero f0r this part of the project? Kevin Choat. He had a hand in every aspect of the new kitchen fit. He worked tirelessly with all trades and without him, it has been stated that the project wouldn’t have been such a success!

But, before Andy could talk about things any further, the competition claxon sounded again and it was time for our final competition… another spin of the wheel! Thanks to Velux, we were giving away a Makita Drill Set worth £280 and all our audience had to do to be in with a chance of winning was guess the number…12!

And that’s it, the end of our show. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to everyone who took part and our sponsor’s Velux. See you next time!

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