It’s Friday people! And we all know what that means… it’s time for Quids In!

Our weekly live show, we’re all about giving back to the UK’s hardworking tradespeople. Giving them the opportunity to win prizes, save money and honour those that have done incredible work in the industry. And, this week, we were joined by City Plumbing who sponsored our show.

The guys you need to go to for all your plumbing, heating, spares, electrical and bathroom needs, they have over 4,000 products in every branch and over 370 branches nationwide! And, not only that, but they also gave us some incredible prizes to give away today including a Samsung tablet, Sonus speaker, flat screen TV and an x box bundle!

So, let’s get started with the show…

News Headlines!

‘Man with down syndrome lands dream job as scaffolder!’

Scaffolder Todd went viral this week with his inspirational story of landing his dream job. Working at Coles Scaffolding, the 29-year-old has Downs Syndrome but he doesn’t let that stop him. Instead, he has glowing reviews from his boss and customers on his hard work and politeness.

His boss Martyn described: “I just think that there are no limits to a person.”

“If they want to be able to do something, then they can do it.”

“It’s just giving them the first opportunity to do it.”

Working with CITB, Martyn is working to get Todd to get the same qualifications as the others.
He is also starting a campaign too of #nostigmahere giving everyone the chance to work.

And on that note, the competition claxon sounded and we were ready for our first competition: cement mixer lottery! With numbered balls between 1 and 12, all our audience needed to do was guess the correct number. And, this time, they had a chance of winning a Samsung Galaxy Tablet worth £90! But that’s not all, we were also giving away another belting prize… a City Plumbing trade guide!

A must-have for every van dashboard, this beauty has over 480 pages packed full of great products. Plus, it’s got all the brands you know and love. Plus, all our audience had to do to be in with a chance of winning was guess the number… 11!

With one competition down, it was now time for the next part of our show, caption this!

Caption This!

The aim of the game here is for our audience to simply caption the image they see on the screen. Easy! Plus, if they come up with a belter of a caption, they could even win an OTT hoodie!

This week, the image showed a DIY hacksaw. To which, Andy gave the caption: ‘no hacksaw, no problem’. And, he was met with silence and the odd boos too. Awkward!

Luckily though, he was saved by the competition claxon which signalled for our second competition. And, this time, our audience was playing for a Sonus speaker along with, of course, another trade guide!

To win this one, all our audience had to do was guess a number between 1 and 12. Specifically, the number… four!

Not only are these guys Quids In, but our audience had the chance to be too thanks to some deals from City Plumbing. In fact, you could get a Glow-Worm boiler and flue with a 10-year guarantee for only £694 excluding VAT! And, a Nest Learning Thermostat for only £166 excluding VAT. Check out these deals here.

Two competitions down and two more to go, this officially marked the halfway part of the show. But what’s next I hear you ask? Well, it’s time for top tips.

Top Tips!

He’s only got one tip this week but trust me, it’s a belter.

Tip 1: Up to 400,000 homes in the UK are overpaying their council tax! It takes just 10 minutes to check and costs nothing but could save you thousands! In fact, you could be one of the thousands of people whose homes are in the wrong council tax bands but by challenging it, your prices could be slashed and any overpayments back to 1993 paid back to you! Head over to the money saving expert website to find out more on how you can claim!

And, with back payments of 25 years, you’ll definitely be Quids In with this top tip! Speaking of which, it was time for our third competition, blindfold darts!

This time, thanks to our friends at City Plumbing, we were giving away a Sony Bravia 43 Inch Smart Full HD TV with HDR worth £400! And a trade guide! Heading over to the Blindfold Darts Arena, Scott was with Jess who was back and blindfolded ready to throw the darts. Last time, Jess landed it in one go but this time, she didn’t have quite the same streak of luck and finally landed the number four. Much to Scott’s confusion!

Three competitions won, and with just one more competition to go, it was now time for our next part of the show… shoutouts!


This is the part of the show where our audience can get involved live on air and bag themselves a shoutout. Not only that, but we also honour our hero of the week too. Here, we talk about a tradesperson who has gone above and beyond in the industry.

This week, we mixed things up a bit and spoke about a cause. Specifically, we spoke about tool theft. A real issue in the industry, we’re seeing new reports of people having their tools stolen every single week. And, unfortunately for plumber Charlie McCulloch, he has recently had his van broken into and all of his tools stolen!

Running his own small plumbing company single-handedly, he has now been left unable to work due to the loss of his tools. This means not only has he had to cancel all of his pre-booked work, letting his customers down, but he is also unable to make any money to pay his rent and bills.

So, if you think you can lend this fellow tradesman a hand then check out his GoFundMe page here.

Along with a few more shoutouts, it wasn’t long before the competition claxon sounded again and it was time for the final competition. Mug shot! This is where our man Jamie tries to throw as many of his 12 tea bags into the oversized mug hoop as possible. And he’s not very good at it!

Averaging at about 2, we had a record-breaking 4 land last week. But, despite this, there still wasn’t much optimism with the crowd. But, what they did want to shout about though was our final prize. Yep, thanks to City Plumbing, we were giving away a trade guide and an X Box bundle worth £400!

Starting off positive, Jamie landed three tea bags in a row. And, it kept going well too as he ended up with another record breaker, five! Well, positive for Jamie’s standard anyway.

And that’s it, the end of our show. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to everyone who took part and our sponsor’s City Plumbing. Don’t forget to check out their Trade price guide for all your plumbing, heating, spares, electrical and bathroom needs, you can pick one up in your local branch. See you next time!

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