It’s time for another episode of Quids In and our favourite presenter is back… Dan!

This week sponsored by My Tool Shed in association with Dewalt, we had another show for our audience packed full of giveaways, news, tips, shoutouts and heroes. But, with all of this to choose from, what shall we start with? Well, it’s got to be the news headlines of course!

News Headline!

‘Worst van drivers revealed!’

A recent study has taken a look into who are the worst van drivers out there and let’s just say, if you see a plumber or heating engineer driving a Ford van, you might want to steer clear!

In fact, the research found that one in nine plumbers or heating engineers claim for an accident they’ve caused. And the most common van they’re driving? A Ford! So keep your eye out on the road for these culprits!

Before Dan had the chance to speak about things any more though, the claxon sounded and it was time for our first competition, cement mixer lorry. This week, our audience had the chance to win a drone, a Dewalt DW088K Laser Level and a My Tool Shed tape measure. This was all thanks to our friends at My Tool Shed who are one of the biggest online tool suppliers. You can get your tools even cheaper with these guys.

If you’re an apprentice, tradesman or just someone that loves DIY, you can get your hands on all the tools you need the very next day, with their super fast next day delivery! These guys even do trade points as well. Whenever you shop with them, they take points off your bill when you come back leaving you guys QUIDS IN!

Speaking of which, all our lucky winner had to do to be in with a chance of winning the first competition, was guess the correct number between 1 and 20. And, this week, it was the number… NINE!

With one competition down though, it was now time for our second segment of the show, caption this!

Caption This!

The aim of the game here is for our audience to simply caption the image they see on the screen. Easy! Plus, if they come up with a belter of a caption, they could also win an OTT hoodie!

This week, the image showed a tradesman wearing a hat which kind of looked like the sorting hat from Harry Potter. To this, Dan went with the caption: “Better be…Ravenclaw…hammer!”

Yep, it went down terribly with the live audience too.

Luckily though, Dan was saved by the competition claxon which sounded for our second giveaway, wheel of fortune. Thanks to our friends at My Tool Shed, we were giving away a Dewalt 10.8v Twin Kit, a Dewalt DW088K Laser Level and another My Tool Shed tape measure. And, to be in with a chance of winning these fantastic prizes, all our audience had to do was guess the number… FOUR!

Thanks to My Tool Shed, this wasn’t the only chance our audience had to win either. Alongside all of the competitions today, they also had a Dewalt Bluetooth TSTAK Radio up for grabs too! All our audience had to do was head over and use the promo code ‘OTT’ when ordering. Then, one lucky winner would be picked at random at midnight on Monday the 26th of November. Bonus!

With two competitions down though, we were now officially halfway through our show. But, what’s next I hear you ask? Well, it can only be one thing surely. It’s time for top tips!

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we try and help UK tradespeople keep more money in their pockets. By using these top tips, we hope that people will manage to stay… QUIDS IN!

Tip 1: Beware of Black Friday deals! Today is Black Friday but what are the best deals going around? Well, pretty much all of the giant retailers are participating but make sure you’re not spending more than you actually think. Instead, shop around, compare prices and don’t fall for the black Friday banners.

Retailers are desperate to sell so will label loads of things with Black Friday to try and encourage a sale, even if they’re not discounted at all. So, don’t just take that TV price as final, you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere!

Tip 2: Best tool deals this Black Friday! But, if you’re looking for tools this Black Friday then My Tool Shed is the place to go. They’re having their very own Black Friday sale which is on now! They’ve slashed the prices on all your favourite tools!

Not only that, but they’re also giving away a free tool with every Black Friday order! If you want to get in on that then click here.

The top 5 My Tool Shed Black Friday deals:
1. Dewalt DCS355D2 Multi-Tool for £169.99.
2. Dewalt SDS Hammer Drill and Impact Kit for £269.99.
3. Dewalt DCK211D2 Drill and Impact Driver Twin Pack for £119.99.
4. Dewalt DW088K Laser for £119.99.
5. Dewalt DCK665P3 six-pack including jigsaw, circular saw, impact driver, hammer drill and more for £699.95.

Alongside all of these fantastic tips and deals, our audience also had a third chance to win! This time, they could get their hands on a Dewalt DW088K Laser Level, a DeWalt 10.8v Twin Kit and a My Tool Shed tape measure.

Heading over to the Blindfold Darts Arena, James was with Steve who was back and blindfolded ready to throw the darts. But, to be in with a chance of winning these prizes, our audience had to guess the number… 17!

Three competitions won, and with just one more to go, it was now time for the next part of our show… shoutouts!


This is where our audience has the chance to get involved live on air and bag themselves a shoutout. Not only that, but we also honour our hero of the week too. Here, we talk about a tradesperson who has gone above and beyond in the industry.

This week, we honoured Ian Dryden who plans to climb the highest freestanding mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro! Why? To raise awareness of mental health and show people that it truly is ok not to be ok.

This is an issue close to home for Ian too after he divorced his wife of 10 years. He felt worthless and thought it would be best for everyone if he wasn’t around. Luckily though, the thought of his two kids kept him strong and he called the Samaritans for help. Ian said: “I’m not just doing this in support of Samaritans and raising lots of money for them along the way!”

“But more importantly to try and unite the construction industry in dealing with the major issue of mental health within the workplace.”

So, if you’d like to support Ian, click here.

But, before Dan could talk about things any further, the competition claxon sounded again and it was time for our final competition, mug shot. This is where our man Jamie tries to throw as many of his 12 tea bags into the oversized mug hoop as possible. And he’s not very good at it!

Averaging at about 2, there weren’t high hopes with the audience. But, this time, our audience could win a drone, a Dewalt Bluetooth TSTAK Radio, a Dewalt 5.0Ah Twin Kit and a My Tool Shed tape measure! And to be in with a chance of winning, they had to guess the number… TWO!

He really is terrible at this game!

And that was it, the end of our show. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to everyone who took part and our sponsor’s My Tool Shed, in association with Dewalt. See you next time!

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