It’s Friday at 12:15 pm. It’s a sunny June day and Andy is getting ready. Ready for what I hear you ask? It can only be one thing… QUIDS IN!

This week, we were sponsored by Hitachi Power Tools, and ready to give away thousands of pounds worth of prizes to our viewers. Not only that, but we also had a jam-packed show full of competitions, news headlines, top tips and shoutouts!

So, settle down and get ready for another incredible episode!

First up, Andy launched into things with the news headlines…

News Headlines!

This time, we went all out industry news speaking about a new material on the market. In fact, the headline read: “New ‘superconcrete’ set to revolutionise the industry!

Breaking this down, Andy described how this new material worked. 2x stronger, 4x as water resistant and environmentally friendly, some pretty impressive work has been done to create this. So keep an eye out for it on a site near you!

Second up, on a more serious, (and shocking), note we had: ‘Landscaper has his leg amputated after being bitten by false widow spider!

Now, this is the story of a fellow tradesman Andy Perry who was working on a job when he was bitten by a spider. The landscaper was unaware of this though until a couple of days later when he was rushed to hospital with sepsis. Scratching the wound, the doctors believe that the tradesman then introduced an infection to the wound and ultimately, this led to the loss of his leg.

From everyone here at On The Tools, best of luck Andy! Moving onto something more positive though, it was time for our first competition, cement mixer lottery! And, our viewers had the chance to win a £200 Hitachi Combi Drill. Amazing!

Wracking up the shares quickly, Andy delved into the cement mixer and pulled out the number… 20!

With one competition down though, it was now time for our next segment: Question Time.

Question Time!

This is the part of the show where we answer the burning questions of UK construction. And, this week, we had some quite serious questions including “what would you do to tool thieves if you had the chance?”

To this, Andy responded, “the government need to get a hold of tool theft and clamp down on it in terms of the sentences given.”

“These aren’t everyday items that are being stolen, these are tools that provide for people’s families so there should be much tougher sentences.”

“It’s not about the value of the tools it’s what they do for the person who’s using them.”

You tell them, Andy! Along with some more questions about tea and competitions, it’s only right that it was now time for another giveaway! This time, it was all about the Wheel of Fortune and, thanks to our friends at Hitachi, we were able to give away a double prize. Double the power, viewers were able to win a Combi Drill, an Impact driver and an all-important bit box, all by guessing a number between 1 and 12. Simple!

Spinning the wheel at a whopping 200 shares, it landed on the number… ONE!

But, that’s not all, that was just the second of four competitions. So, on with the show. And next up was top tips!

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we try and help the UK tradespeople keep more money in their pockets. By using these top tips, we hope that people will manage to stay… QUIDS IN!

Tip 1: Save hundreds of pounds every year by using cashback sites. They’re typically free (don’t use them if they’re not) and you could get money back into your account just by doing your normal shopping. Fantastic!

Tip 2: HMRC warns of a new rebate scam. This is where scammers are contacting people via phone or email claiming that they have a rebate. HMRC warns though that this is fake and not to hand over your details! Instead, remember that the only way they’ll get in touch about this kind of thing is through the post or your employer. If they ever send you an email. it will be to log into your account for further information, no sharing of bank details!

So don’t fall for it folks, keep the money in your own pocket and you’ll be… QUIDS IN!

Speaking of which, it’s time for another competition and the chance to win some more free tools! This time, we headed over to Scott at the Blindfold Darts Arena where he and James were ready to play some blindfold darts. Failing on his first go, (and second), it was third times a charm for James hitting the number nine! Maybe don’t give up your day job though James…

Three competitions down and just one to go, it was now time for our shoutout section of the show.


Here, we give our audience the chance to take part in the show by getting themselves a shoutout. Alongside this, we also honour our hero of the week. This is where we salute a member of the industry for their incredible work.

And, this week, we honoured gas engineer Ben Kuchta who developed a life-saving invention. Concerned about the rise in people affected by carbon monoxide poisoning, he created a device which, when a carbon monoxide alarm is triggered, shuts off the faulty appliance.

Good on you Ben! Out there saving people’s lives, we salute you! If you’d like to read more about Ben’s story then click here.

But, without any further ado, the claxon sounded and Andy moved onto our final competition, another round of Wheel of Fortune! This time, we were doubling up the prizes again giving away over £300 of Hitachi gear. And, at 340 shares, we were finally able to spin the wheel which landed on the number…THREE!

And that marked the end of our third ever episode of Quids In. All that was left to do now was to give a massive thanks to our friends at Hitachi Power Tools for sponsoring another great show!

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