It’s Friday, it’s 12:15 pm so that can mean only one thing, it’s time for… Quids In. Yes, Quids In, our weekly Facebook Live show where we aim to keep more money in the pockets of UK tradespeople.

Along with that, we also have news, top tips, shoutouts and plenty of competitions and giveaways. This week, we were sponsored by the fantastic Checkatrade who were giving away over £1,000 worth of prizes.

But first, it’s time for a bit of news…

News Headline!

Apparently, PPE is the best present you could get a construction worker this year!

Really? PPE? Yep, it apparently has been argued that people spend more time at work than they do ‘lounging around’ so people should buy construction workers something which will make their working lives easier.

I mean personally, I’d be pretty annoyed if I received PPE for Christmas but what do you lot think? Let us know!

With some gags from Andy, it wasn’t long before the competition claxon sounded for our first competition, cement mixer lottery. Here, our audience had the chance to win a dashcam worth £120. How? Just by guessing a number between one and twelve.

And, this week, the lucky number was… SEVEN!

With one competition down, it was now time for our second segment of the show, caption this!

Caption This!

This is the part of the show where we have our audience comment on what they think the caption should be for the image on the screen. This week, it was an image of someone with their head in the floor and bum in the air. A plumber in their natural habitat maybe?

But, before Andy could come up with any more terrible captions, the competition claxon sounded for our second competition, wheel of fortune.

For this round, thanks to Checkatrade, we were giving away a Van Vault storage box worth £150! And to be in with a chance of winning it, all our audience had to do was guess the correct number between one and twelve. With the lucky number this week being… ONE!

With two competitions down, we were now officially halfway through our show. But, what’s next I hear you ask? Well, it can only be one thing surely. It’s time for top tips!

Top Tips!

Tip 1: Barclay’s spending block!

Barclay’s has introduced the ability for customers to block payments to certain categories of retailers to help those with debt. They teamed up with debt charity the Money Advice Trust to allow customers to ‘turn off’ retailers, just by pressing a button.

This was initially designed for those who maybe have gambling problems or spending addictions. But, this could also be a really good feature to help you keep in control of your money and out of debt! So, if you want to get a bit more control over your spending, particularly around the Christmas period, then this might be one to check out!

Tip 2: Become a Checkatrade member!

Checkatrade is hands down the one tool your business shouldn’t be without! So much more than your average business listing, Checkatrade is a matchmaking service of sorts. They have been connecting consumers with a superior network of exceptional tradespeople for 20 years.

The success of Checkatrade lies in the power of partnership. Consumers want to find trades on whom they can rely on to do a good job. Plus, trades and services want to work with genuine customers who trust them from the start. And Checkatrade brings the two together! Check out more about how you can get in on this here. And you never know, you could be… Quids In!

Speaking of which, it was now time for our third competition, blindfold darts. Here, our audience had the opportunity to win six VIP tickets to Championship Darts at the Alexandra Palace, London. These tickets are not even available to purchase, and the most similar equivalent is worth over £240. So this is a belter of a prize!

And to be in with a chance of winning them, all our audience had to do was guess which number Dan would hit at the Blindfold Darts Arena. And, this week it was the number… 13!

Three competitions won, and with just one more to go, it was now time for the next part of our show… shoutouts!


This is where our audience has the chance to get involved live on air and bag themselves a shoutout. Not only that, but we also honour our hero or cause of the week too. Here, we talk about a tradesperson who has gone above and beyond in the industry or a really worthy cause.

This week, our cause was Save The Children’s Christmas Jumper Day.

Today, thousands of people up and down the UK will start their day by pulling on a Christmas jumper for a great cause and to help create a brighter future for children.

Whether you join in at work, home, at school or down the pub, it’s all about getting everyone together in your daftest woollies. And, by donating £2 each, you’ll be giving children the chance to build a better future. Check out how you can get involved with this here.

Before Andy had to explain why he wasn’t wearing a Christmas jumper though, it was time for our final competition, mug shot! This week, our audience had the opportunity to win a year’s free Checkatrade membership worth £600!

All they had to do to win it was guess how many tea bags our man Jamie could get in the oversized mug. And, this week, he got a measly… THREE!

And that was it, the end of our show. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to everyone who took part and also our fantastic sponsors Checkatrade for all the brilliant prizes!

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