It’s Quids In time! Our weekly Facebook live show, we give our audience the chance to win a whole host of different prizes. Not only that, but we also discuss news headlines, top tips and h0nour a hero of the week too. So let’s take a look at this week’s show!

Sponsored by insurance company Simply Business, we were giving people the chance to win some extra security for their tools. Experts in covering businesses, they cover over 1,000 trade types. Simply Business can even build a policy just for you and your business.

But first, our host Any Taylor kicked off with the news…

News Headlines!

‘New pay ratio regulations introduced!’

This means that, for the first time, the UK’s largest construction companies will have to disclose and explain every year their top bosses pay and the gap between that and their average worker.

The aim of it all, to give employees a greater voice in the boardroom and to hold the businesses accountable for any excessive salaries!

So, no more rubbish pay gaps. Instead, it looks like your bosses pay could be dropping and yours on the rise! Which means you’ll be… Quids In!

Speaking of which, it was time for Andy to move on to our first competition, cement mixer lottery! And, thanks to our friends at Simply Business, all our audience had to do to be in with a chance of winning a van vault, was guess a number between 1 and 12. And this time, it was the lucky number… THREE!

With one competition down, it was then time for our next segment of the show, caption this!

Caption This!

This is the part of the show where the audience can get involved and caption the picture shown on the screen. This week, the image showed a stack of ladders on top of a van. To this, Andy gave the caption: ‘stairway to heaven.’

Not too bad that one Andy!

But, before we could get any further with caption this, it was time to talk about our sponsor. This week, we were working with insurance providers Simply Business. Working with over 430,000 small businesses and landlords, they trust them with their insurance. Not only that, but they are also supported by an award-winning claims team too who are available 24/7. Can’t get any more available than that!

And, to top things off, Simply Business is also looking to help keep you guys Quids In by offering a discount to our audience. In fact, our audience could a £25 gift card when taking out insurance with them. Bonus! Plus, with that deal, you can stay… QUIDS IN!

And on that note, it was time for another competition, wheel of fortune. Here, our audience could win a Ring Video Doorbell 2 worth £179. All they had to do was guess the correct number between one and twelve. And, this week, it was the number… NINE!

So let’s crack on with some more of the show, and this time, it’s top tips!

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we aim to keep money in the pockets of the UK tradespeople. Everything is getting more expensive nowadays so we try and help our audience keep a hold of their dosh with some top tips.

Tip 1: January sales! It’s 2019 and the sales are in full swing, with retailers boosting discounts to clear their remaining stock. So, you may be able to grab a New Year bargain! Here are some of the best new year deals:
Asos: (70% off)
Ikea: (50% off)
Next: (50% off)
Topman: (70% off)
Selfridges: (up to 80% off)

Tip 3: Get a £25 gift card when you buy insurance. Through our sponsors Simply Business, you can bag yourself a £25 offer when you take out insurance with them. So, if you’re looking for some new business insurance, click here to apply for your very own tailored policy!

And with all these top tips, then you could be… QUIDS IN!

Speaking of which, it was now time for our third competition, Blindfold Darts! Here, our audience had the chance to win another fantastic van vault, perfect for keeping their tools safe. Heading over to the Blindfold Darts Arena, Scott was with our man Joe who was blindfolded and ready to throw his darts. And, this week, he landed the lucky number… SEVEN!

With three done, we just had one more competition to go. But first, shoutouts!


This is the part of the show where our audience can get involved live on air and bag themselves a shoutout. Not only that, but we also honour our hero of the week too. Here, we talk about a tradesman who has gone above and beyond in the industry.

This week, we flipped things on its head a bit with a worthwhile cause that our audience could be heroes by supporting: Band of Builders and their Lincoln FC charity sponsorship.

An incredible charity run by tradesmen for tradesmen, Band of Builders help other tradespeople and/or their families who have life-changing/altering conditions. They are changing peoples lives for the better and all out of the goodness of their hearts. There’s no money involved and all the work done by the trades is completely voluntary.

And, now, you can help them continue their incredible work by voting for them as Lincoln FC’s charity sponsors. You can allow Band of Builders to help more tradespeople and their families in 2019, just with a click of a button! Votes can be done by either emailing or the link here.

But, before that, it was time for our final competition of the show. Thanks to our sponsors Simply Business, we were able to give away a Ring Floodlight Cam worth £250! And, to be in with a chance of winning it, all our audience had to do was guess how many tea bags our man Jamie could throw into the oversized cup.

Normally, Jamie struggles with this and the guesses stay quite low. However, this week, he took us all by surprise and got a whopping eight! Crazy stuff!

Unfortunately though, with this competition over, it now meant that our show had come to an end. All that was left to do now was say thank you to everyone who tuned in and a massive thank you to our fantastic sponsors Simply Business! See you next time!

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