It may be Friday the 13th today folks but there’s certainly no reason to be unlucky today as it’s time for another episode of Quids In!

Hosted by our ever brilliant Andy Taylor, this week we had sponsors Ox Tools with us for another fantastic show. So, get ready, settle down and stay tuned for another episode of Quids In!

As always, Andy likes to start things off with some industry news headlines. So let’s get on with the show!

News Headlines!

More than half of self-employed workers found to not earn a decent living wage!

Our first news headline, it was a bit of a shocker with new research uncovering that actually, many self-employed workers don’t earn enough to make up a secure and decent living wage. Instead, 1 in 3 on zero hour contracts find they don’t earn enough money to provide for themselves!

Andy added, shocked at the results, “Is self-employment all it’s cracked up to be? Is the flexibility worth the potential drop in wages?”

Or he added cheekily, “Have the figures got it all wrong because it’s all a little bit of cash in hand?”

Next up, our second news headline read: ‘Builder has his van stolen whilst getting tools out of the back!

A Bristol builder recently had his van stolen whilst he was at the back getting his tools out. We talk about tool and van theft all the time here at On The Tools but this story is crazy. As they stole it, he clung on and was dragged down the street! And it doesn’t stop there either!

The builder actually saw the thieves a few days later as well and ended up chasing them!

Unfortunately though, the builder described that the police don’t seem like they’re interested. Andy added: “Bristol police, sort this out!”

“C’mon, the man has had his van, his livelihood, stolen from him and he can’t get anything done about it.”

But before Andy could go any further, the competition claxon sounded for our first competition: cement mixer lottery! This time, thanks to our friends at Ox Tools, our audience had the chance to win a tool bundle worth almost £190. All for guessing between 1 and 20. Fantastic!

And, this week, our winner needed to guess the number… 14!

With the winner drawn, it was now time for our next segment of the show, caption this!

Caption This!

A new one to Quids In, the aim of the game here is for our audience to simply caption the image they see on the screen. Easy! Plus, if they come up with a belter of a caption, they could even win an OTT hoodie!

This week, the image showed two workers balancing a ladder over a fence doing some work. To this, Andy’s caption was ‘stairway to heaven’. Although, our live studio audience wasn’t too keen on that one. But, that didn’t matter because the competition claxon sounded again and it was time for another competition.

This time, our audience had the chance to win a Speedskim from Ox Tools. Just look at the length! Perfect for finishing those plastering jobs at double the time. But that’s not all, they also had the chance of winning an Ox Po Level too. Put together, they were worth £150! And, all our audience needed to do to be in with a chance of winning, was guess a number between 1 and 12 for the wheel of fortune.

This time, our winning number was… SEVEN!

Two competitions down and two more to go, this officially marked the halfway part of the show. But what’s next I hear you ask? Well, it’s time for top tips.

Top Tips!

This is the part of the show where we try to help tradespeople in the UK keep more money in their pockets. And, with all the money saving deals we throw in there along with all the competitions too, they can hopefully stay… QUIDS IN! See what we did there? Anyway, moving on, our first tip was all about PPI deadlines.

Yes, we know, it sounds a bit boring but there’s actually a whopping £18 billion left to be claimed! However, now, there has been a deadline put on claiming for this, August next year, so, if you think you could be owed money, get on it and don’t miss out. We’re not telling you where to go, but, there’s money out there to be claimed, and, if it’s rightfully yours, you could be… QUIDS IN!

Tip number two! A lot less boring, we’re talking all about Amazon Prime day. If you’re an Amazon Prime member then Monday and Tuesday (16th/17th) are the days to get your goods because Amazon is slashing their prices with massive discounts. So, if you were ever thinking about getting a Prime account then now is the time to do it and take advantage of some massive savings. And, if you do, you’ll be… QUIDS IN!

Speaking of which, it’s time for another competition: blindfold darts!

This time, thanks to our friends at Ox Tools, our audience had the chance to win an Ox Tools screwdriver set and tape measure. All they had to do was guess the correct number between 1 and 20. Joining Scott at the blindfold darts arena, it was time to find out what that number was. With a throw of the dart, from Dan, and another one, and another one, he finally landed the dart on the number… six! Maybe we should get a new darts player?

With another competition down though it was now time for our next segment in the show, shoutouts!


This is where we give our audience the chance to feature live on the show by giving them a shoutout. Alongside this, we also honour our hero of the week too. And, this week, we honoured painter and decorator Peter Whiter. He does a lot of work with the charity Band of Builders. He has worked on several projects with the charity helping out those in need in the construction industry.

Addam Smith, founder of the Band of Builders described him as “one of the nicest human beings you’ll ever come across, humble and an absolute master of his trade.”

So, Peter Whiter, we salute you. Keep up the amazing work you do!

But, on that note, the claxon sounded and it was time for our final competition. Playing the wheel of fortune once again, this prize was a big one worth almost £600! Thanks to our friends at Ox Tools, our audience had the chance to win an Ox Tools Diamond Blade and a Maestro Metal Accessory Kit. Everything you need to get going with dry cool drilling in a sturdy and aluminium case!

And, all our audience needed to do was guess the number… TEN!

With our final segment done and the competitions all won. That was it for episode 8 of Quids In. Don’t worry if you didn’t win though, you can check out the Ox Tools range for yourself here. Some incredible stuff! But all that was left to say now was a massive thank you to our friends at Ox Tools and everyone watching at home. Thank you!

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