It’s Friday. 12:15 pm. Is it lunchtime maybe? Oh no, it’s much better than that… it’s time for Quids In!

Our weekly Facebook show, Quids In is all about saving the UK’s tradespeople money, through our competitions and top tips. The show also includes news, shoutouts and a hero of the week too. So, get ready for another great episode, this week sponsored by Ring Trade Pro!

And, as always, it was time for Andy to kick the show off with some news headlines!

News Headlines!

Roadwork speed limits set to rise…

Highways Englands is considering plans to increase speed limits through roadworks to 60mph. Discussing the story, Andy looked at the headline from two different angles:

1. The commuter. This speed increase would be great if you’ve got roadworks going on around you and you’re constantly stuck in traffic. The commute to work may possibly not be as unbearable.

2. The road-worker. For those working on these road works though, these increased speed limits may not necessarily be good news at all. Instead, 20% extra speed through those areas could put workers at risk and in even more danger. But, what do you lot think? Any road-workers who have an opinion on this? Let us know!

Next up, our final headline was: ‘Could you be owed money from your boss?

Recent research has found that hundreds of companies have been underpaying their staff. The government released a list of 239 companies who have underpaid their staff. Specifically, it is believed to have impacted those between 2011 and 2018 who have been working at a minimum wage.

What’s happened is that employers were doing things such as deducting money for uniforms, not paying travel costs, using the wrong time period to work out pay and underpaying apprentices. On a positive note though HMRC has got on to those employers and the money should be getting paid back without employees even needing to do anything.

But, if you think you could have been affected, but haven’t received any notice about it, then get on to HMRC here. And, you never know, you could be… Quids In!

Speaking of which, it was now time for our first competition, cement mixer lottery!

Thanks to our sponsor’s Ring, we were able to give away a video doorbell as our first prize. And, all our audience had to do for a chance of winning, was pick a number between 1 and 12 in the cement mixer lottery. And, this week, the lucky number was…seven!

With one competition done, it was now time for ‘caption this’!

Caption This!

This is the part of the show where we have our audience comment on what they think the caption should be for the image on the screen. This week, it was a dodgy look from one tradesman who had a top quality hat tan. For Andy, his guess was quite rude and something we can’t say live on air (or in this article for that matter). Instead, all we can say is that it was two words with the first being tan. Your imagination can come up with the rest. Naughty!

But, before we had a chance to get any more captions in, the claxon sounded for another competition. It was wheel of fortune time now and our audience had the chance to win a Satin Nickel Video Doorbell worth £89!

Get instant alerts to the app when someone’s at your door, these devices are great for security and keeping your home safe. Come rain or shine, night or day, it works in all sorts of conditions and all our audience had to do to be in with a chance of winning one was guess a number between one and 12. Simple!

And, this time, it landed on the number…seven! Is there a bit of a theme going here?

With 2 of our competitions now done though this officially marked the halfway point in our show. But what’s next I hear you ask? Well, it’s the part of the show that’s all about saving people money… it’s time for top tips!

Top Tips!

This week, we didn’t have just one tip. Nor did we have two tips either. Oh no. Instead, we had a brilliant three money saving tips for you lot to sink your teeth into!

Tip 1: Get yourself some free beer with national pub fortnight! From today until the 5th August, thousands of pubs are taking part in national pub fortnight and are giving away free beer. Result! To find your closest pub taking part go to and you’ll find a list of all the places getting involved. But, as we always say here at On The Tools, please drink responsibly.

Tip 2: Update your wardrobe with the summer sales! If you want to get yourself some new clobber then now is the time to buy because a whole host of places are slashing their costs with summer sales. In fact, we’ve even done the tricky bit for you and found the best deals out there right now:

Next, 50% off!
For the older viewer, M&S have got 60% off!
Office, for your footwear, they’ve also got 60% off!
For the uber trendy though, Topman have got a whopping 70% off!
And finally, for the larger lads out there, Jacamo have got 50% off!

Tip 3: Become a Ring Trade Pro! Get the upper hand on your competition and become a Ring Trade Pro so you can attract more customers, reduce costs and become a Ring expert. Plus, you can earn yourself some extra income too. Let’s face it, folks, people are going to be getting these doorbells left, right and centre so you should be the ones fitting them and making yourself some extra money! You’ll have the support you need to do this as well with special discounts and exclusive training and support to provide your customers with the best experience and value. So, if this tickles your fancy, check out how you could become a Ring Trade Pro here. And then you’ll be… QUIDS IN!

And, speaking of which, it was time for our third competition, blindfold darts! Heading over to Scott at the Blindfold Darts Arena, our audience had another chance to win a video doorbell from our sponsor’s Ring! This time though, we were stepping it up and were giving away a Video Doorbell 2 worth £179. And, all they needed to do was guess which number the dart was going to land on.

Joining Scott in the blindfold darts arena this week was James. Luckily though, it wasn’t long before we had a winner (2nd dart’s a charm), and, weirdly it landed on the number seven. Again!

With another competition done, there was now just one last chance for our audience to win. Before that though, it was time for shoutouts!


This is the part of the show where our audience can get involved with a shoutout live on air. Alongside this, we also honour our hero of the week. This is where we salute a member of the industry who has gone above and beyond and done some incredible work. And, that’s exactly what builder Darren Fagg has done.

He’s done a massive amount for charities including renovating homeless shelters, to making visits to local children’s hospices. He also ran the London marathon this year on behalf of charity Hypo Hounds. Here, they train dogs to help people with diabetes and recognise their irregular hypo levels.

Darren described: “one day of pain for me and a few days of aching legs is nothing compared to what other people are going through.”

Well said Darren and a massive well done to you. We salute you. Keep up the incredible work!

But, with our final segment over, there was only one thing left to do… it was time for the last giveaway!

This was our biggest prize yet, where thanks to our friends at Ring, we were giving away a Floodlight Cam worth £249! A great piece of kit, it can give you crisp HD video with or without the lights on, 24/7. Not only can this help keep your home safe but also your van too. Having one of these on your driveway would be a great bonus for some added security!

But, how could this be won? Well, it was time for another round of the wheel of fortune and all our audience needed to do was guess a number between 1 and 12. With the final spin of the wheel, it landed on the number… 11! Finally, something other than seven!

And that was it, our final competition. All that was left to say now was a massive thank you to Ring for sponsoring the show and providing us with some amazing prizes! Don’t worry if you didn’t win though, you can find Ring products everywhere in places like Wickes, Bunnings, CEF and more so you can drop in and pick yourself up a video doorbell any time.

And, finally, goodbye to our live audience and everyone watching at home. Thank you!

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