At a building site in Finsbury, archaeologists have amazingly found the remains of up to 2,000 people, dating back to the 16th century!

Police were called when the construction workers initially began to discover the remains. The officers were not necessary though as archaeologists advised they were more than likely remains from the Victorian era.

Working with exhumation specialists, the archaelogists were able to remove all of the bones. And nine months following the discovery, they were able to establish that between one to two thousand remains were pulled.

Specialists felt though that the remains were initially dug up from different sites. This was possibly due to developments over the past 100 years. They were then reburied in shallow graves at this site. No definite explanation for the remains can be established though.


An osteologist from Mola inspects the human remains. Picture: Mola

Archaelogists were able to uncover some interesting things from the remains though. Three of the scull fragments found displayed injuries. These were established to have likely been from a sword or axe. Another displayed possible evidence of medical treatment. A circular hole was found drilled into the bone. This was an ancient form of treatment used by doctors to relieve the swelling of a head injury. However, this treatment didn’t appear to work though as the bone shows no sign of healing and the individual seemed to have died soon after.

There also appeared to be signs of trauma and disease in some of the bones. This included a healed femur fracture and two examples of chronic bone disorder (Paget’s disease). There was also one adult who appeared to have rickets. The remains have now been arranged to be reburied though and put to rest. Their new burial location will be in Islington Cemetery with a memorial plaque identifying them.

Environment chief Cllr Claudia Webb stated: “we want to make sure these historical bones are given a dignified reburial, so we have created a dedicated place at Islington Cemetery where they will be laid to rest.”

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