A recent survey of new build homes has recently uncovered that almost nine out of ten homeowners still have issues with their homes after moving in.

The survey was conducted across 287 property owners. It found that only 57% of new build homes were actually completed on time. And, once the homes were ready to be lived in, 87% of homeowners reported issues that needed added work. A whopping 55% had over ten issues as well! And over a quarter of these issues were left unresolved.

During the construction of the new homes, 18% of homeowners scored their builders just one out of ten in terms of satisfaction. When asked the likelihood of recommending their builder too, 26% scored a zero out of ten rating.

Recent reports have even found that issues with new build homes have resulted in children ending up in A&E. Take a look at the full report here. This then also begs the question: are Britain’s homes badly built? Take a look at this issue here.

The survey did, however, find that once construction was finished, around 60% of respondents rated the finish on their home at seven or above.

Kate Hughes from New Homes Review, the company who conducted the study, shared her thoughts on the matter. She stated: “This survey reveals two sides to the home build process.”

“Close to 70% of owners are happy with their property, once it is complete, but sadly getting to the ‘complete’ stage causes issues.”

“The main comments received relate to snags and the property being dirty and not cleaned before they moved in, which are relatively easy to remedy.”

So what do you think? Are Britain’s new homes badly built? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: www.theconstructionindex.co.uk

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