Two rogue traders have recently been prosecuted after becoming threatening and terrorising towards their customers. In fact, one of the pair even threatened to burn down their customer’s home!

Exposed by the Press and Journal, eighty five year old Mary Brander was conned by nineteen year old Larry Connors. Originally offering to complete work on her garden for £3,200, he then went on to demand £4,000 from the elderly woman.

Threatening that he would not leave until he received the money, trading standards officers were called in after a tip off about the rogue traders. Nevertheless, Larry Conners refused to leave, despite the officers discovering paperwork that confirmed the £3,200 price tag.

Instead, he insisted that he was going to follow the eighty five year old to the bank to make sure he got the money.

Eventually, Mrs Brander’s son, with concerns for his mother’s safety, paid the dodgy builder the £3,200.

Within investigations though, it was found that Larry Connors had grossly overpriced the work, conning the victim, who has since died, out of £2,200.

The court heard: “At the time of the offence she was a vulnerable lady, she was 85-years-old and very frail.”

But, it didn’t stop there! Whilst Larry Connors was conning Mrs Brander out of thousands, his brother Jerry was also causing havoc. He too was threatening his customers after tarmacing their driveway. With the work done found to be completely unacceptable by the homeowners, they refused to pay the £1,000 bill.

In response to this, the dodgy worker began smashing up the drive with a sledge hammer. He even threatened to burn their house down if they didn’t pay!

Sentences were deffered for the pair. But, Sheriff George Aitken stated: “These cases are utterly unacceptable.”

“Larry Connors, preying on the elderly in this fashion is something the court takes exceptionally seriously.”

“Jerry Connors, smashing a drive with a sledge hammer might have been exceptionally frightening for witnesses.”

So what do you think of this? Does more need to be done about rogue builders in the industry? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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