“I’ve been probed by aliens many times.”

James has been a roofer for forty years and claims to have been abducted by aliens over 200 times. In fact, he believes that he is the most abducted man in the UK. He described his experience.

“It was getting dark, I was just finishing for the day. I was putting my tools away when I heard a strange high-pitched sound.”

“I turned around to see where it was coming from and the bright light blinded me.”

“I felt myself become lighter and I was lifted up into the air.”

“I woke up inside a room with two…beings standing over me. The walls were… covered in strange symbols.”

“They performed loads of different procedures on me and I was awake for all of them.”

Not only does James have memories of these experiences though, but there is also the physical evidence too. In fact, James has found a number of devices in his body. At first, he had them removed. But then, he realised the aliens were putting them in for a reason, so left them.

Personally, he believes they are preparing him for something: to take him with them permanently.

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