Get the vans cleaned out guys because this roofer was driving through London when he was hit with a £300 fine. And no, it wasn’t for speeding or anything like that. Instead, it was because of his leftover food packets!

43-year-old Stewart Gosling described that he had leftover plastic bottles, crisp packets and sandwich wrappers in a carrier bag in the back off his van. For most vans in the trade, that’s clean, as some have rubbish strewn all over the place! Like in the picture above.

But, nevertheless, this didn’t make any difference when the roofer was pulled over by the council.

Out completing spot checks, the council workers searched the roofer’s van. Upon finding the bag of rubbish, they asked if he carried a waste carriers’ licence. Upon stating that he did not, the council workers found that Mr Gosling was breaking the law as he was “carrying rubbish without permission.” And, consequently, he was hit with a £300 fine!

To obtain one of these license’s it costs £229 (+ VAT!). This then lasts three years before you have to renew again and pay a further £154!

Mr Gosling described: “It’s so infuriating.”

“The working-class man gets penalised for going to work basically.”

“I’ve not fly-tipped. I’ve not left it in someone’s garden.”

“It’s frustrated the hell out of me.”

“There was just a bag of rubbish, bottles, crisp packets, newspapers and sandwich wrappers.”

“What gets me is the lack of common sense.”

“It’s a lot of money for one bag of rubbish.”

For this bag of rubbish though, the roofer was handed a fixed penalty notice which was for the ‘failure to furnish documentation (waste carriers licence).’

Despite the worry of heading to court though, Mr Gosling states he won’t pay the fine. Instead, he described: “It seems a bit steep to be honest.”

“A warning would have been more understandable.”

“It just aggravated me. It should be common sense.”

“I had no idea you needed a waste licence, you have to be polite to these people but it annoyed me.”

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So what do you think of this? Do you know someone with a messy van? Could they be caught out by this? Let them know in the comments below.


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