Calling someone a “f***ing whore” is never okay. It’s especially not okay to shout it at someone out of a van window. But for one roofer, he has had to pay the price.

Twenty-two year old Courtney Greatrex was walking at around 7:30 am when she was catcalled. The roofers began shouting at her but this soon progressed. It didn’t stay as a backhanded compliment. Instead, the result was Courtney walking down the street in ‘floods of tears.’

She had simply asked them to stop. Courtney described that “they kept making comments at me out of the window so I told them it was harassment.”

“They just laughed and carried on.”

Before she could escape though, they brandished her a “f***ing whore.” Courtney describes that following the abuse she felt “awful.” She continued: “It was so distressing. I couldn’t stop crying. I was also shaking with rage.”

With this rage fuelling her though, Courtney wasn’t about to just let it all go. Instead, she turned to Facebook. Posting a picture of the van and describing the incident, the lad’s bosses found out. And one even got fired!
Courtney concluded, “there was no reason for it, even if they thought it was just ‘banter’.”

What do you think? Was the roofer getting fired a step too far? Or was appropriate action taken? Let us know in the comments below.


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