A tradesman has recently been fired for flirting! And no, it wasn’t because he had bad chat up lines.

The incident occurred when roofer Samuel Newman began to flirt with a married woman whilst topless. He was reportedly invited in by the woman for a drink and something to eat. But, what seems like a nice gesture from a customer soon turned sour for the roofer after he was fired from his job!

Being offered a drink seems like a rarity when working on a domestic job nowadays though. Instead, studies have revealed that many homeowners are bad mannered towards tradespeople. Take a look at the full report on this here.

Working in New Zealand for firm Solid Roofing though, Mr Newman was dismissed from his job following a complaint from the customer’s husband. He claimed that he rejected the customer’s advances though. Instead, he accepted a glass of water and described that both he and his supervisor were topless due to the extreme heat.

It wasn’t just the flirting that the customer complained about though, he also criticised the tradesman’s work. He described that the roof was too thin and the paint job uneven as well.

Therefore, Mr Newman was issued with a written warning for his ‘serious misconduct’ by the director of the company (Peter Vandenberg). Then, he was later fired.

Looking into the incident though, the Employment Relations Authority determined that both the warning and firing were unjustified. Instead, they argued that the husband was annoyed by his wife’s flirting with the tradesman.

Authority member Anna Fitzgibbon described, “Vandenberg said he had received a ‘serious complaint’ from the customer’s wife about Mr Newman’s flirtatious behaviour.”

“He had not.”

“Rather, the customer’s husband was annoyed by the attention his wife was paying to Mr Newman and Mr Cameron working with their shirts off.”

Following this, the tradesman was given monetary compensation. He was given $22,875 for the “injury to feelings and unjustified dismissal” that Mr Newman faced.

Unlike the Mr Newman case though, a couple of roofers last year took things too far when they started ‘flirting’ with a passerby. Developing from a backhanded compliment, the 26-year-old woman was soon left in floods of tears by the roofer. Take a look at the full report on this here.

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Source: www.dailymail.co.uk

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