Scaffolders Jason White and Gary Taylor were recently scaffolding a house when they met two incredible dogs. Brin and Trinni. Initially, they greeted the dogs as they would any other, giving them fuss on the street.

However, what they weren’t expecting to hear was a truly amazing story. A story of how these dogs have saved countless lives in war torn countries such as Afghanistan. Whilst in patrol in Afghanistan, a stray dog, now named Brin, was able to alert two soldiers of the danger ahead. By continuously barking at the pile of rubble that lay ahead of them, the untrained dog was able to save the lives of two soldiers.

With no training, the amazing work of Brin didn’t go unnoticed either and he was quickly adopted into the lives of the soldiers in Afghanistan. Gary described: “Brin, now part of the team. went on various dangerous patrols with the army and was even kidnapped by the Taliban who believed he was a trained SAS dog.”

“Amazingly a successful rescue mission was undertaken by the Afghan SS and returned Brin to the army.”

After hearing about this, Sally Baldwin from East Sussex felt she needed to help and give Brin the life he deserved. Therefore, she raised an amazing £4,000 to get him back to the UK and allow him to finally have a well-deserved rest. But Sally didn’t want to just stop there. And in turn, War Paws was set up with the aim of helping animals suffering in war torn countries.

So, to help out War Paws, and help them continue to do the amazing work they do, Jason and Gary have decided to complete a charity bike ride. They will be travelling seventy miles from Eastbourne Pier to the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth on 5th August. They aim to raise £2,000 to help War Paws provide a mobile clinic, mass immunisation, a TNR scheme and designing and promoting educational programmes.

However, to do all this, these scaffolders need some help. So, if you think you can lend a helping hand, head over to the JustGiving page now to show your support!

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