According to recent research by the Federation of Master Builders, more than a 1/4 of Scottish homeowners would rather hire a female tradesperson!

The results found that Scottish homeowners were the most positive when it came to hiring a female builder. In comparison, 30.3% of British people would prefer to hire a female builder compared to 38.1% in Northern Ireland and 28.5% in Wales.

When it came to the reasons behind hiring a female builder though, the most popular was that homeowners would like to support women working in “non traditional roles”. Following that, 49% felt female workers would be more respectful of their home and a further 49% felt more at ease with a female tradesperson.

The other top reasons for hiring a female worker were:
– 36% think female tradespeople might be friendlier
– 33% felt that women would have better attention to detail than men
– 31% believed that female tradespeople might be more trustworthy
– 27% preferred the company of women over men
– 25% thought it would be a novelty, and would welcome the change of hiring a female builder
– 18% felt that they related better to women

Despite this though, it was found that in Scotland, 61% fewer people stated that they would encourage their daughter to go into the construction sector. And, nearly two thirds are “gender blind” when it comes to hiring a tradesperson. They didn’t care whether it was a man or a woman!

The director of the Federation of Master Builders, Gordon Nelson, shared his thoughts on the research. He described: “There is clearly an appetite for more women tradespeople in Scotland.”

“And, with International Women’s Day upon us, we are imploring more young women to consider a career in our sector.”

“Indeed, just two percent of the tradespeople across the UK are women and it’s high time we rectified this.”

“Although the research does demonstrate a change in the public’s perception of the construction industry, we question whether this change is happening widely enough.”

“When asked whether they would feel more positive about hiring a female builder or tradesperson to complete a task in their home, Scots reported lower numbers of people feeling more positive than anywhere else in the UK.”

“By way of comparison, ten percent more home owners in Northern Ireland and London would feel positive about hiring a female tradesperson.”

“Also, despite feeling more positive about hiring a female tradesperson, almost sixty five percent fewer people would encourage their daughter to pursue a career in construction than their sons.”

“This attitude is outdated and is robbing a multitude of women access to an extremely rewarding sector.”

“We fully encourage young people, men and women alike, to consider a career in construction.”

Despite all of this though, women still make up a small percentage of the industry workforce. Scruffs Workwear asked their customers some of the reasons they felt that women were reluctant to work on site. Take a look at the full report here.

So what do you think of this? Why isn’t there more women in construction? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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