Take a look at this shocking story from Scruffs! Their hard-wearing gear saved the day and prevented one tradesman from cutting through his own wrist. Scruffs described…

Last week, we came across a very interesting post on Instagram. Daniel Fellows posted the following;

@dandanmann: That was a close call @scruffsworkwear watch saved my arm! Still working though. #work #life #chopsaw #choparm #closecall
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We wanted to hear more about this close call, so we went over to meet Dan in his hometown of Coventry.

Dan, who is a 27-year-old ‘multi-trader’, had a ridiculously close call. Whilst cutting a piece of skirting board (something he does day in, day out) he suddenly started to notice black specks flying into the air. Curious as to what these were he stopped using the chop saw to investigate, only to find a gaping hole in his Scruffs watch just centimetres from his wrist.

Dan was cutting through several pieces of skirting board – one after another when he very nearly cut through his own wrist! It was only his hard wearing Scruffs Watch that saved him. The watch still works – sort of. The only problem is cosmetic, which is the gash across the watch face. Hence, we took it upon ourselves to treat Dan to a new one!

Dan almost cut through his own wrist, but luckily his Scruffs watch was there to save the day!

Dan commented…

“When I started to see the black bits flying up from the saw I had no idea what was happening! If I wasn’t wearing the watch, I’d have gone clean through my wrist!”

“I wear Scruffs gear all of the time and follow the brand on social media, so after this happened I thought I’d get in touch and let them know about my close call.”

“I’ve had the watch for about 2 years now and was gutted when I hacked through it – luckily Scruffs have sorted me out with a new one, along with a jacket and some boots. Happy days!”

Luckily Dan’s near-miss fell nicely in line with the launch of Scruffs new Activity Tracker Watch which Dan is now proudly showing off. The watch is available over on Scruffs.com for only £26.20!

So what do you think of this? Have you had a close call like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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