Similarly to football players, the different trades have certain strengths and weaknesses. So, could you imagine if Sky Sports rated them like those players?

Well, that’s exactly what we created…

John Plumber.

First up we have the big man between the pipes, he’s stepping up after his international break to Gibraltar. The top boiler fitter of the season, he’s fitted a massive 85 boilers, beating the all-time record set in 1988.

Bricklayer Conrad Layton.

Building the wall and not letting anyone in, this lad’s been laying bricks since he was in the academy. Hoping for a summer transfer from Leeds to Manchester, he’s on the up this season!

Jack the apprentice.

Sat on the bench for the 100th time this season, his work rate is appalling and the manager will not be referring him to anyone!

Tom Spark.

But let’s not forget the man up front! With the record signing invoice fee of two thousand pounds for a lightswitch change, they should’ve known not to have competed with the quality traders of Checkatrade.

Take a look at signings for yourself here:

Created in conjunction with Checkatrade, this was a great way of showcasing the services Checkatrade offer in a fun and quirky way. Gaining over one hundred thousand views and counting, it was well received by our audience too. But what do you think of it? Can you think of any others? Let us know!

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