This builder soon regretted treating himself to a curry when he spilt it on his girlfriend’s brand new £300 rug!

Addressing the camera, the tradesman explained how he’d had the flu recently so thought he’d treat himself to a spicy curry, try and flush it out you know. But, instead of enjoying his keema naan, he soon began to fear for his life after the plate slipped and he dropped it onto his girlfriend’s very new and very expensive rug.

Attempting to clean it up, it was without success. He spoke to the camera: “if the police are watching this and you’ve just come across my dead body know, that it was because of the curry on the rug.”

“She’s going to beat me half to death!”

“You don’t know this woman, she’s cute but she’s mean!”

And then, well, you’ve guessed it, his girlfriend came home. I won’t ruin her reaction for you though. You can take a look at that one for yourself here:

Created as another On The Tools original piece, curry on the rug was actually a firm favourite with our viewers and they enjoyed this guy’s turmoil piece to camera. Gaining almost 800,000 views, it looks like we might need to do ‘Chinese on the rug’ next!

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